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It was early into January 2015 as I sat at my computer as I do most nights wellllll after 10pm editing …And I was chatting with my photog friend Leigh and having a pity party, about how hard I was struggling…seeing all of my photog friends getting published in this blog…that blog and this publication etc….and how I was failing at this aspect of my business (mostly out of fear of rejection).  When it was way past 1am I said what the heck…I am gonna toss my hat into the ring…it was HIGHLY unlikely that I would get an answer from the publication I was submitting to because they were not even calling for any submissions at the time, but I plowed through that doubt and hit send on two of my weddings….and went to bed.

I got up the next morning and I almost spit my coffee out all over the place when I had an email from the publisher in my in box that she wanted BOTH weddings and could I please have my brides fill out the questions enclosed and return it by the end of the month with 20 or so images from each wedding.  Again I sat there in almost utter disbelief got up…got more coffee…because I was sure this was not possible…my first fly by the seat of my pants submission got accepted not for one but TWO weddings.  After I sat back down I busted out crying and laughing all at the same time…trying to pull my self together I reached out to both brides….and the rest as they say is history. Sadly one bride did not make the cut off date with her info so her wedding did not get published in this edition but that’s ok it was a BEAUTIFUL amazing wedding.  I look at that beautiful bride in the snow with her prince charming kissing her in the 12 inches of snow we got two days before her wedding.  I have it on a large canvas print on my wall…and I know she is happy too because she is published too on my office wall at and on the walls of the beautiful Church Point Manor where she got married !

Thank you Virginia Bride Magazine for welcoming me to your beautiful publication.  It is an honor to be there with some amazing photographers.  And the cover of this edition….is to die for!  So pretty.

Here are the 4 pretty pages with Lisa and Joseph’s story.  Go grab a copy…I hope to have the link soon for the online version.

Moral of this story….GET OFF YOUR DUFF and DO it…what ever THAT is that you want.  Don’t wait for it to find you….go hunt it down!

Va Bride Magaziine

 The Awesome Frienders in this publication are

Pallette of Petals for the BEAUTIFUL floral arrangements and bouquet

Sweet Water Cuisine for the Amaaaazing table decor and food

Jack and Jill Baking for the beautiful cake

The lovely family and friends that were there to celebrate this beautiful small intimate wedding at Cape Henry in Va Beach.




Weddings are my first love….but there is no doubt ….I love love …and it comes in all forms of age, shape and size…from the moment a tiny baby takes its first breath…to the love of a sweet grandma….or playing dress up or snuggling up and just reading a book with mommy..or the wagging tail and wet kisses of a new puppy. A favorite fishing hole with a poppy or a daddy daughter date night for ice cream.  It’s what makes memories sweet.

So I will be adding these speical little mini sessions throughout the year. Just that little bit of time to capture a cute memory. Location for the day will be determined by me or by the first person to book me for a Mini Session…then I will add other timeslots for that location and invite those interested, unless it’s a private back yard but even then it might be fun for mommies to get together at someones house to do these. Who wants to be the first to host one? email me at


These will be one on one sessions with just one child and one parent or grandparent per mini session (if you have more than one child).  Because I believe quality one on one time with children is so important to their well being even if its just 15 to 20 minutes reading a book…going for ice-cream or playing in the park or at the beach. It’s their time with you and they don’t have to share you with anyone else…I don’t think this knows any age limit either…from babies to adults, individual quality time with the ones you love helps foster healthy relationships.

If you want to be on the first to know list of when or where these will take place so you can reserve your time or to book a one on one for you and someone you love email me at

Cost$ $150.00 per 15-20 minute session.  You will receive an online gallery to choose your 5 images for your 5×7 prints (because I want to see these in your homes not just on social media) and web sharing digitals.

Also Included will be a shopping cart for purchasing additional products at 10% off all printed and digital products.

Most of these will need to take place on a weekday or on a weekend I don’t have a wedding booked, since weddings are my main focus.  But after photographing children here an there with only one parent or grandparent over the past few years…and seeing both just beam with love at the one on one time….I just felt like I wanted to offer these Sweet Moments Mini Sessions to others because I feel that they are that important.

Lets Get One On The Books For You.




I was unsure when I was approached by Kristine , from the Hampton Roads Wedding Planner Magazine,

if I was in a position to spend dollars on advertising in a magazine or not…

scared was more like it…not knowing what to expect…but willing to jump and take a chance….

I am NOT  new to the business of wedding photography….but I was new to magazine marketing so it was scary.

I have now been involved with the Hampton Roads Wedding Planner Magazine for over a year now

(since their inaugural edition came out last year)

and I can tell you it’s been a

great experience for me…one of the best quality magazines I have had in my hands.

 I have met some wonderful venders and met some really awesome people in the photography business who are genuine

and who are now great friends because of my involvement with the magazine.

 I am so honored and proud to say that I was asked to work with a fantastic team of professionals on the fashion spread featured in the new

Spring and Summer edition that hit the stands today!

Click on the link above ^^^ and it will take you to the digital version of awesomeness!!!

 If you are a bride or a vender and want a hard copy of this fantastic magazine

or want to know about advertising in the next edition…please let me know.  I can hook you up!  🙂

Below is where you can find me and some of my work in this edition of the Hampton Roads Wedding Planner Magazine….Whooo Hoooo!

I am more than stoked!!!!  Oh my Gosh!

This has been a big day for Melody Gillikin Photography

Some of my best buds are on this page with me!!!!  

and Irish Isle Bed and Breakfast…one of my preferred venders AND my June Bride 🙂

and last but not least… Ad Page with Clay Hill Garden Events!!!

Today has been a good day…. a very good day!

Please subscribe to my blog and leave some love in the comments below.  🙂


Here it is….The New Improved Blog.

I am a Virginia Wedding and Portrait photographer and  have needed a fresh new website and blog for awhile now.  I searched and searched for a style or design that I could fall in love with that screamed ME, I looked at a thousand blogs and websites trying to find one that was IT that was 100% ME!.

It was a long long search before I FINALLY  just picked this one and tweaked it a little bit for me…because honestly I loved them ALL! Don’t even get me started on colors….UGG! Even worse.

Can I honestly say that this style is IT…the end all, be all Blog website design forever…Totally ME??


I am  admittedly A.D.D when it comes to my style.   I love modern style..a little grunge…soft and simple, vintage, shabby chic and BLING.  So  I have come to terms with my lack of being

“a certain style”.

That IS my style…a little bit of it all.

So this baby will probably evolve and grow and change with me as my style changes, as I change. I mean really does it matter?  The fashion styles change every season and most of us follow suit..

so why can’t we as photographers, artists keep changing our style too??   Evolving?  (as I type this my blog style has already evolved some from when I started! LOL.)

If we are not changing and growing we are stagnate and dying on the vine…so I am ok with being a chameleon and with change.

 I think it makes me who I am and I am ok with that.

I have never met a style of photography that I did not love…. so for that reason..I am able to offer all styles of photography for my clients.  It is totally up to what they want…

So what are you looking for… for your wedding…your photography session?

Classic….Stylish….Themed…Fun…Crazy….Grungy….or something a little feminine!

It’s all good and I am game for capturing whatever you can dream of…for your  wedding…your session and making it the BEST experience possible for you.

Creating great images and ART for you and your home.

So thanks for joining me on the ride….following my photography…. celebrating  life’s moments with me and my wonderful clients (hope you become one!!), putting up with my musings,

and my adventures in life through this passion I call photography.

It’s gonna be fun to see where this continues to go.

For more information about me and my eclectic style hop on over to or find me on facebook.

Here are a few things I grabbed that say who I am….as you can see..I am a mixture of styles..with a touch of BLING.