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She is a lab mix…we rescued her.  But if the truth be known…she rescued us.  We lost our Missy last November after spending 12 years loving her as a member of our family.  I was not sure this hole in my heart could be filled with just another dog…I knew we wanted to rescue a dog again because pound puppies are the BEST!  We had Roscoe an English Bulldog for a brief time but he needed more than we could give him so he went to live with someone who knew how to care for him, I was again heartbroken….  Then Gina came into my life….from East Coast Canine Alliance….she had these precious black puppies…and they needed homes…I knew If John and I went to look at them…one would come home with us…and it happened…Bella picked us…We were at the foster home a matter of minutes when Bella came right up to us…sat down, then rolled on her back for us to rub her belly….Done!  She was ours.  She picked us, and we are so glad she did we are the lucky ones….

So on the days when she drives me CRAZY with her puppyness…digging holes in the yard that I keep filling in….barks at me non stop  to play….gets caught under the deck…and comes out muddy then dashes through the house with those muddy feet and I want to scream…or the days she melts my heart when I find her laying where Missy is buried in the yard…it’s a fact.  I love this dog.  She picked us…she knew we needed her.  This week she turned 6 months old…weighs 45lbs and is the smartest sweetie..who LOVES car rides, belly rubs and The Cape and learned to swim today…how much better can it get?  She is our Bella Boo.


We arrive early in the day on our little boat…The Wee Three….and there are very few around us only sea gulls….

And dolphins

She played soooo hard she fell asleep IN her water bowl…LOL.

She found her way into the dunes trying to hide…

The clouds at The Cape are always the prettiest…

Yea…she can sit in my chair…it totally matches her collar.  🙂

Our Bella Boo….6 months old….and she has our heart.

  • Gina - February 17, 2014 - 2:01 PM

    I can’t believe that I am just now seeing this wonderful story! The pictures are so heartwarming and beautiful!ReplyCancel

    • mgillikin - February 18, 2014 - 12:12 PM

      Awww Thank you Gina….can you believe she is a YEAR OLD today? It’s been a sweet journey with her so far. She is a great family member!ReplyCancel