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I don’t claim to be a writer, my grammar and spelling sometimes (ok most of the time) suck…and I type like I talk… so if you can get past all of my literary shortcomings we will get along just fine. ūüôā

 I find that words of encouragement are words of life and hope and I need them on the good days and more so on the bad days.

We all NEED THEM!  They breathe Life!

So my hope with this series of blogs posts Coffee Cup Encouragement ¬†is ¬†to offer encouragement to anyone reading these. ¬†If you have something your struggling with please feel free to drop me a line…I will try and ¬†give you encouraging words….

Today’s encouraging words:

If it’s meant to be its up to me!!!

There is an old saying that is so true!

“Can’t never could do nothing” ¬†If your telling yourself I can’t….your right. ¬†If you tell yourself you can…your right.

It’s all in your words that you tell ¬†yourself.

But there is one more element that needs to be added to “I Can” voice…it’s

Practice Practice Practice!

It’s the KEY to being good at anything!!!

You have to be willing to keep experimenting, to keep trying.

¬†You have to be willing to admit you struggle with whatever you are trying to get better at (or overcome)… matter what it is your struggling with…photography, at finding your own style, writing and blogging, (which I admittedly suck at! but I am trying!!!) ¬†at singing, dancing, pubic speaking, sports, sales…etc and so on…

Fill in the blank! with whatever your “IT” ¬†is that your trying to master. ¬†Bottom line is YOU CAN! It just takes practice and believing in yourself.

¬†You have to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally when you fail or falter ¬†at your “IT” to shed your thin skin, ¬†get up and start over and practice again, again and again.

But what about when FEAR rears it’s ugly head….?

I read this phrase somewhere but I don’t remember where but it’s true….”Fear is a jerk and a bully and it will do whatever it can to stop you”. ¬†Fear has gotten in my way so many times…and I admit it still does.

Fear of failure….fear of rejection…fear of making a fool of myself.

So we need cover our ears and go LA LA LA LA LA …I can’t hear you FEAR!!!! ¬†(you know that visual is funny!) block fear out and continue the journey to perfect those areas we ¬†struggle with!!!

Don’t give up!!!! ¬†Don’t let fear win!

What is your “IT” that you struggle with???

Be encouraged…you are not alone!