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Love and Fun at Walmart!!!!  WHEN Anna, Tyler and I started tossing around ideas for their engagement session…I asked them…”What do you like to do together, you know as a couple”, “What do ya’ll do for fun” I never imagined the answer…but I am not gonna lie I did a little cheerleader dance inside when they told me what they enjoyed!  They actually have a little cash stash just for it!  They play the CLAW game at Walmart!  So naturally we go to right were the fun happens!

We met at the Walmart in Chesapeake and started their fun engagement session with well FUN!  Their kind of fun.  Just being them, and it was so cool to watch them just being them…and winning on all levels!


anna-and-tyler-e-session-1 anna-and-tyler-e-session-2 anna-and-tyler-e-session-3 anna-and-tyler-e-session-4 anna-and-tyler-e-session-5 anna-and-tyler-e-session-6

And just like that they WON!  Team work…they rescued Donner from the cage with the claw!

anna-and-tyler-e-session-7 anna-and-tyler-e-session-8 anna-and-tyler-e-session-9 anna-and-tyler-e-session-10 anna-and-tyler-e-session-11

Once they ran out of quarters for this trip…we went to a little private location complete with a waterfall, to continue doing things they love…Laughing, having fun and just being young and in love!

anna-and-tyler-e-session-12 anna-and-tyler-e-session-13 anna-and-tyler-e-session-14 anna-and-tyler-e-session-15 anna-and-tyler-e-session-16 anna-and-tyler-e-session-17 anna-and-tyler-e-session-18 anna-and-tyler-e-session-19 anna-and-tyler-e-session-20

The golden hour sun was so beautiful and warm and I LOVE reflections. Win Win!

anna-and-tyler-e-session-21 anna-and-tyler-e-session-22 anna-and-tyler-e-session-24 anna-and-tyler-e-session-25 anna-and-tyler-e-session-26

On December 17th this sweet couple will become Mr. and Mrs. in Virginia Beach at the Sheraton Ocean Front….


…And I am sure they will be just as fun as THIS! <3   I am so looking forward to your day!


And NO engagement session would be complete with out a gorgeous ring shot! With beautiful fall colors!


Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your day.

Anna and Tyler I can’t wait to capture your day! !




Meet Erin, Lee and Ethan.



love-is-peachy-2 love-is-peachy-3

On October 29th 2016 at a cute little beachy resort called The Regatta Inn in Folly Beach South Carolina they will officially become a little family.

Lee is a pharmacist in Gastonia SC and Erin is a school teacher…they actually met the first time at 15!!!  where all kids go at 15… the mall lol.

Lee:  “I secretly  have always had a crush on her and we only met for like 30 min back then”

They went different roads in life and found each other again through mutual friends just a little over a year ago…Life has a funny way of taking us back down a path we should have taken before…but now it’s even sweeter! Both know what real love feels like now and they are not letting it go!


This little dude is some kind of lucky! <3


How he asked….

This story gets me!  Even now.  It’s how I know my niece will be well loved and cared for….

Erin lived in Burlington NC when they reconnected so they had a bit of a distance relationship for awhile. Not wanting that distance  to continue Erin decided to look for teaching jobs and an apartments in Gastonia to be closer…since it was an easier move for her with his job being so connected in Gastonia, but knowing how she has always been the one to make “changes” she was unsure of making the move only to be hurt…

Well not knowing…Lee already had the ring…and wanted to do things the right way by talking to her momma and daddy first but he could not let Erin go home to Burlington again knowing she was feeling like this..unsure of him and his intentions… so he excused himself and came back into the kitchen…and right then and there he proposed and said he would NEVER let her go if she would say yes…

It completely rocked her world!

Now that’s a man who knows how to win a girls heart…simple honest love and not wanting her for one second to doubt him or his love for her.

He is a KEEPER!


They are definitely anchored in love!  It’s my favorite saying and the basis of my business.

Hope Anchors the Soul Hebrews 6:19



We started our session at the beautiful Lake Bowen at my aunts house then moved to a sweet location.

love-is-peachy-8 love-is-peachy-9


Ethan is the CUTEST thing ever!  I am so happy that he will be my great nephew very soon!  I think he knows just how lucky he is!


We moved on to a place that is WELL known in the Gaffney / Spartanburg area of SC.  Strawberry Hill.  They are a family owned peach shed  and strawberry fields that have been around since I was a teenager!  We had so much fun there…and the peaches well they are as sweet as ever.

love-is-peachy-13 love-is-peachy-14 love-is-peachy-15 love-is-peachy-16 love-is-peachy-17 love-is-peachy-18 love-is-peachy-19 love-is-peachy-20 love-is-peachy-21 love-is-peachy-22

Yes he did Ethan!


There is nothing more beautiful than to see Old Glory flying all around in a place where God and Country still mean something! I am a die hard Southern Girl! I spent my summers growing up here and  loving this place… it’s values for Family, God and Country…and homemade peach ice-cream in the summer.  🙂

If you ever get close to Gaffney SC you must plug Strawberry Hill into your GPS and go by and see them!

love-is-peachy-24 love-is-peachy-25 love-is-peachy-26

Erin and Lee I can’t wait for your wedding at The Regatta Inn, in Folly Beach SC in just a few weeks!

Thank you for trusting me with your special day!  We are gonna have a blast!


Aunt Mel

Anchored in Love.


Hebrews 6:19

Hope Anchors the Soul


I met Katie and Anthony at Starbuck for their consult…and when they started rolling out their “wish list” for their engagement session…I have to admit I almost squealed OUT LOUD in StarBucks.

They had a boat and a cool car..and a sweet dog and wanted all three in their session…Boats and Fast Cars!  Win Win Win!

I love when my clients bring their ideas and their personality, their hobbies and favorite things (even pups and cars) to their engagement session.  It makes them fun and personal! Not your standard pose and smile sessions.  Although there is a lot of that that goes during the session….this just adds who you are together into the day! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

My wheels started rolling…and after a few late night messaging back and forth with Katie we nailed down our ideas,  the date and had our game plan together.   Once the day FINALLY  rolled around it could not have been more perfect….Puffy clouds..beautiful light..and all the pieces fell into place.  We were all stoked!

One of the reasons I love living in Hampton Roads…is because of this…you can go from water to country in a matter of miles!

Meet Katie and Anthony! Lordy! What a fun day!


Boats and Fast Cars - Melody Gillikin Photography Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 2

This date 6-17-17 will go DOWN in History <3

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 3 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 4 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 5 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 6 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 7 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 8 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 9

This is the smile of SUCCESS…after a few attempts it happened!  They nailed it!

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 10 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 11

Off to another location…man it was a beautiful day!  I could get used to this kind of office!

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 12 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 13

This lonely solitary dock in the middle of nowhere needed to be shown some love.

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 14

Ralph Lauren…right???  That is all!

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 15

This day would not have been possible without help!  Tug boat captains waived and cheered us on with honks… and the bestest man Andy drove their boat some so they could get out…

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 16

…in places like THIS!

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 17 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 18

Team work makes the dream work!  We spotted the barge…and I said a simple oooohhh ahhhh…and Anthony was all over it…***Disclaimer!**  I never ever ask couples to go where it’s not safe…this was their idea and man it paid off…no pain no gain.

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 19 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 20 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 21 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 22 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 23

One final shot before we docked the boat…hopped in our cars…picked up a COOL car and headed for the country!

Meet Wiz….He is so excited for his momma and daddy to get married! <3

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 25 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 26 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 27

The Obici House in Smithfield will be some kind of beautiful in June 2017!  Because these two will be there! < 3

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 28 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 29

Now that’s a hood ornament….The hood of a Chevy never looked so good….

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 30

Time to smoke some tires!

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 31 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 32

So Cool…

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 33 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 34 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 35

We waited and waited…shot and shot..until they got JUST right over the soybean field…for this shot!

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 36 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 37

It’s hard to find a good mechanic these days….

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 38 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 39

The sun was setting low over the cornfields…so we had to wrap it up but not before…

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 40

…grabbing the sun set over the cornfields…and there were blue streaks in the sky!  Sooo cool!

Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 41 Katie and Anthony ESession Blog 42

I seriously can NOT wait until June 2017 for this wedding…we are going to have a BALL!

Thank you for choosing me to capture your love and personality!!! and Wiz <3



New Logo without sand dollar

Special Thanks to Paula Stone for hair and makeup! Your skills are beyond amazing. <3



They love the woods and nature so naturally when we were talking about locations for Kevin and Val’s engagement session I showed them a beautiful patch of forrest right in the heart of Chesapeake and that’s the location they chose for their woods engagement session!  It has some of the prettiest clean walking paths but don’t be deceived…if you don’t know which path to take it can lead you to places you don’t want to go…LOL.  Total inside story! (wink wink).   But this beauty and her gentle giant…were perfect and so comfortable in front of the camera! And despite a lot of additional walking we had a good time! <3  Here are a few of my favorites from their session!  Into the woods.  Woods Engagement Session Melody Gillikin Photography Melody Gillikin Photography Melody Gillikin Photography Va and Kevin Engagement Session 4 Melody Gillikin Photography

“Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods & listen to the magic whispers of old trees…”

Melody Gillikin Photography

I would say they have that “model look” down and the young and in love fun look too!

Melody Gillikin Photography Melody Gillikin Photography

Melody Gillikin Photography Melody Gillikin Photography

Va and Kevin Engagement Session 11

Melody Gillikin Photography Melody Gillikin Photography

I love ring shots…but I really like them when they involve the person wearing the ring…Your engagement ring is beautiful Val!

Melody Gillikin Photography Melody Gillikin Photography

Melody Gillikin Photography

Melody Gillikin Photography

May you never forget that ….the sun is new each day.

Melody Gillikin Photography

I am so excited for your wedding day at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens in November!  It will be beautiful!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your love for nature and each other and share it with the world!


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Anchored in Love.


I have known Jamie for a long time! Since she was in High School Youth Group at Greenbrier Community Church.   So when she called me last year and left me a message about photographing her up coming wedding I was super excited!  We met at Starbucks went over a few details and the next day I got a call saying I was the one she wanted with her on their big day!

She and Corey told me they realized the value in hiring a professional photographer and knew the importance of making it a priority in their budget.  Because at the end of the day, it’s really all you have left except the love of your life…and a few other details.  You can’t put a price on a legacy….It’s such an honor to have someone hire you because they know your worth and the value you bring to their day!  It just makes my creative heart soar!  So Thank YOU!

 The weather in Hampton Roads was kinda NUTS this past fall and winter we had to reschedule and reschedule their engagement session for rain, cold, rain and more rain.  The evening of our session it was yet again drizzly and chilly but they were anxious to get them done…and to tell you the truth I was HAPPY with the light…it was like a giant soft box and just made the photos so rich and pretty!   We were a bit chilly but other than that it was a fun beautiful session…and their wedding is THIS weekend and the weather is supposed to be beautiful too!!!! Yippie!!

Congratulations Jamie and Corey I can’t wait to capture your day at the Chesapeake Golf Club!

Jamie and Corey Engagement 1 Jamie and Corey Engagement 2 Jamie and Corey Engagement 3 Jamie and Corey Engagement 4 Jamie and Corey Engagement 5 Jamie and Corey Engagement 6 Jamie and Corey Engagement 7 Jamie and Corey Engagement 8


Your dress was just tooooo cute!  and his Micky Mouse Vans!  So cool…I think I might want a pair! 🙂

Jamie and Corey Engagement 10 Jamie and Corey Engagement 11 Jamie and Corey Engagement 12 Jamie and Corey Engagement 13 Jamie and Corey Engagement 14 Jamie and Corey Engagement 15 Jamie and Corey Engagement 16

Congratulations to you both!  I can’t wait to share your wedding images too!

New Logo without sand dollar

Anchored in Love.