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I don’t often get to shoot something for me…

Waaaaaay on back in the spring when I first reached out to Amanda about a shoot I had this vision in my head of identical twins…flower crowns…and fields.  But between my wedding schedule and their busy life with little ones and their Etsy business Grantley Designs …. and then there is this thing called the Hampton Roads weather….yea that in it self is not too reliable… so trying to pull this off was nothing short of a fine tuned dance…but we finally were able to get this done!  It’s funny how things just have a way of working themselves out…because I don’t think this would have been as pretty had we just picked a day and ran with it and settled for what we had…it had to be perfect and as this evolved it became something beautiful….

truly beyond what I had in my mind.

THEN….Amanda reached out to me with a sweet little surprise….she was expecting and we needed to do the shoot soon because she would be showing very soon!!  So as we were narrowing down the day and location once again I was on the search for an unplowed cotton field and when I called my sweet pal Sharon at Chic Unique to inquire about using her super cute vintage bike for the shoot I asked about a cotton field out her way…and WALA…she told me where the perfect field was.   See things really do work out how they are supposed to…and this came together smooth as silk, and as beautiful as all get out…I hope you will agree.

Thank you Amanda and Sarah for being such perfectly FUN and beautiful models for my shoot.  You are the BEST!

Twins Blog Post 1 Twins Blog Post 2 Twins Blog Post 3 Twins Blog Post 4 Twins Blog Post 5

Getting these two to keep a “serious model face” was challenging and funny….almost every time we got the cracking up photo.

Twins Blog Post 6


Twins Blog Post 7 Twins Blog Post 8 Twins Blog Post 9 Twins Blog Post 10

There were MANY moments when we just busted out laughing…and into song…because of something said…hehe.

Twins Blog Post 11

These two…if you close your eye and hear them talk…they finish each other sentences…and sound exactly alike.

It is so cool…to me…and I wish sometimes I had a twin..but not sure the world could handle that.

Twins Blog Post 12 Twins Blog Post 13 Twins Blog Post 14 Twins Blog Post 15 Twins Blog Post 16

Ahhhh…love this….

Twins Blog Post 17

The sun was setting…and the sun was hazy and golden…and the walk bad to the truck was just as beautiful as the rest of the session.

Twins Blog Post 18 Twins Blog Post 19

Many thanks girls….we will do this (or something like it) again very soon!



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We talked about several locations, but when Lauren and her momma saw Church Point Manor, they were sold on having Lauren’s bridal session there.  Church Point Manor is a beautiful bed and breakfast in Virginia Beach, VA.  off of Shore Drive. I have photographed weddings, and brides there several times, and it’s still one of my favorite locations for intimate weddings and bridal sessions.  One of these days I am just gonna go and enjoy a couple of nights stay there just because!  Every room is beautiful and although we did not get to use the bridal suite (which is amazing) because it was occupied…the room we had was just as beautiful I think you will agree and the grounds amazing.

Lauren, you were simply a stunning bride.  You are beautiful inside and out and it was pure joy to capture these images and your sweet personality and be apart of your legacy.  I wish I could post every single one…but these are just a few of my favorite photos and moments…

Lauren Bridal Blog 19

I love the moments getting ready

Lauren Bridal Blog 1

Second photograph of the day! Ahh. Window Light how I love thee.

Lauren Bridal Blog 2 Lauren Bridal Blog 3

Third and her momma’s favorite.

Lauren Bridal Blog 4 Lauren Bridal Blog 5 Lauren Bridal Blog 6

Classic beauty right here!

Lauren Bridal Blog 7 Lauren Bridal Blog 8 Lauren Bridal Blog 9 Lauren Bridal Blog 10 Lauren Bridal Blog 11

And the real Lauren was bound to show up! 🙂

Lauren Bridal Blog 12 Lauren Bridal Blog 13

The bibles are part of her legacy…Her mom’s baby bible that was carried when she got married, Laurens baby bible and her granddaddy’s pastoral book.

Lauren Bridal Blog 14 Lauren Bridal Blog 15


Lauren Bridal Blog 16

But these three… Princess One…Princess Two and the One who made Princess Two into a Princess…the older sister Meghan. 🙂  Her words. LOL.

Lauren Bridal Blog 17

Lauren, I know Herbert is smiling from Heaven, that you would include him in your special day. <3

Lauren Bridal Blog 18

I love bridal sessions for many reasons, but the most important one is that you get to take your time and enjoy the session without the rush of the wedding day, sometimes limiting the photos you are able to capture.  Plus it’s a trial run on feeling pretty for your wedding day! So make sure you add bridal portrait to your wedding packages.

This was a beautiful day!

Brides  Beautiful Dress: Williamsburg Bridal and Formal.  The designer is Casablanca

Special thanks to Deb Byrd and Church Point Manor for making this day special for Lauren.




I love Maternity Photography for many reasons, but one important reason is the anticipation of life, the life within that you have not met yet, yet you love.  It Does not matter if it’s your first or 6th, it’s the same…you have felt them hiccup, you have felt them kick, you know they are there listening to your heart beat from the inside.  They know the sound of your voice and can hear music and singing and laughter.

It’s the magic of knowing that you hold a life within you that is just so beautiful, so when I get to capture a momma embracing that and all the chaos that goes along with it sometimes, it’s just beautiful to me.

Shannon lost her mom to breast cancer a few years ago, and it has been really special to me to see and photograph Shannon marry the man of her dreams on the  Eastern Shore, and then to go back and photograph her there  at the same place for her glam surfer girl maternity session.  Shannon and Cole named their precious little girl after Shannon’s momma.  Laura Brooks.

Shannon I loved this session so much, you were absolutely stunning, and so real with your emotion and love for this little girl.  You are a surfer girl at heart and so full of love, life and kindness.  Miss Laura Brooks is so lucky to have been blessed with such a mommy.

Here are the beautiful images we captured on the Eastern Shore.

Thank you for indulging me in a few ideas of my own.  You rocked the glamours too girlfriend!

Shannon Shannon Shannon

Gone are the days of hiding your baby belly and I am so GLAD, life is beautiful and should not be hidden or covered up!

Shannon Shannon Shannon

We had some fun with drama…


Shannon Shannon

Then on to classic beauty….Shannon each look you rocked with ease…

Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon

We finished off the night back where she is most alive…with her surfboard near the water.

You should see the nursery! A beautiful hand painted mural of the surf and sand. That’s a blog post in itself.



I wonder what you are thinking here?  I look at this image and see deep thought.

Shannon Shannon

Life may have chaos in store for us sometimes, but with the setting of the sun, it rises again with new promise for those of us who believe.

Embrace these days, for they are good.  May they always be filled with hope and promise but most of all love.


Love you Shannon!




The wonder of learning something new everyday….with touch, smell, sight, sound, taste. May we never lose the wonder of learning, growing and seeing ordinary things in a new way. Amelia is teaching me every day this truth.

Her smallest accomplishments of learning to say bye bye saying please, smelling a candle, dancing to music are so precious and full of excitement of accomplishment with smiles and applauds.

I think one of God’s reasons for continuing to bring new life into the world through babies is an attempt to continue to teach us these small truths through the lives of these little wonders….because we grow up and take them for granted…so he reminds us anew through the eyes of a child.



Although I live near Va Beach and Coastal VA and I photograph a lot of weddings locally…I LOVE to travel to distant locations for engagement and weddings…and on occasion I also get to do bridals in destination locations!  AND include a little Civil War History!

This bridal session was held on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina in Atlantic Beach, at Ft Macon.

This  fort was built in 1826 and protected the Crystal Coast during the Civil War.

When we arrived…at 5pm.  We thought we had until 8 to shoot…

..but within 5 min of starting the shoot the guard told us he was closing up the inside of the fort in 15 min…

We all stared at each other in disbelief…for a second then got to work!

We had less than 15 min to shoot most of the following images….before being kicked out!

But we were determined and had a plan….

Sam’s sisters boy friend was gonna keep the guard busy with questions! 🙂 while we ran from place to place setting up our images…

The very first shot could totally be seen as a silhouette of a bride during the Civil War era.


The texture and architecture in this fort is nothing short of amazing….then to be surrounded by a beautiful beach….just icing on the cake!

20140707-MGP_8967-Edit-Edit-Edit 20140707-MGP_8971-Edit-Edit 20140707-MGP_8974 20140707-MGP_8978-Edit 20140707-MGP_8981-Edit

We quickly moved inside to the barracks and hallways of the fort….the arch way doors went on and on…totally amazing…

20140707-MGP_8995-Edit 20140707-MGP_9003-Edit 20140707-MGP_9009-Edit

We quickly set Sam up on the stair case that was as majestic as they come for a fort!

There had to be a female somewhere along the way that helped with the design 😉

I do believe I heard the angels singing when this photo was taken….or at least they were doing a loud hallelujah high five!

This was my favorite and Sam’s favorite of the day!


The guard…said times up…gotta go but look what we found outside….the wooden doors were just as amazing…


And a cellar bunker….


Then it was off to the beach…for some sunset photos…just look at that golden sun!

We plan on going back for Sam and Steven’s first anniversary to do a shoot on these walls!


The beach….the dunes….the light…the sunset….it was simply an amazing night…with a very excited beautiful bride with her momma…and sister.


Cotton Candy Sky in one direction..and orange from another direction….Crystal Coast…you do not disappoint when it comes to fabulous sunsets!

20140707-MGP_9109-Edit 20140707-MGP_9118-Edit

Sam loves orange so the heavens obliged her with orange sunset.

20140707-MGP_9126-Edit 20140707-MGP_9153-Edit 20140707-MGP_9169-Edit 20140707-MGP_9173-Edit 20140707-MGP_9186-Edit 20140707-MGP_9190-Edit

She sent Steven a little love note that we used in a sneak peek….


And that’s a wrap….Despite the running around like crazy people because the fort closed earlier than what we anticipated…

and despite we were a sweating like crazy…

we were able to accomplish some pretty cool bridals for Sam to share with her family….kids…and grandkids one day.


You were a beautiful bride….with a sweet heart…and wonderful family.
I can’t wait to blog your wedding too!



  • Tia - October 8, 2014 - 4:32 PM

    Beautiful! I love the silhouette and the staircase one the most but they were all amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Cathe Deibert Baird - October 8, 2014 - 11:19 PM

    These are absolutely beautiful, I feel as though I’m right there in your moment!!! Love cuz, Love!ReplyCancel