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Being a Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer I have seen a lot of brides in gorgeous wedding dresses and know that it’s sometimes a tough decision after your wedding what to do with your dress since you will not likely ever wear it again.  But brides pay a lot for the gorgeous dresses they wear on their wedding day, they are an expression of their style and personality.

So the question is…do you store it in hopes that if you have a daughter she will one day want to wear it on her wedding day, do trash your dress in another photo shoot and then toss it out, or do you donate your dress to a good cause like Angel Gowns  or  Wish Upon A Wedding.?

My daughter decided to keep hers and I am so she glad.

Amelia may not choose to wear her momma’s wedding dress, I know my daughter Paula would not even consider wearing was so outdated by the time she got married, so it hangs in the closet along with my mothers wedding dress.  One thing we did with my dress though was to displayed it along with my mothers and my mother in laws wedding dresses at my daughters wedding at their gift table as her heritage decor and that was pretty cool.

But last year when Amelia turned 1 we decided that instead of letting Paula’s beautiful custom designed wedding dress stay in a bag in a closet we would bring it out at least once a year and take Amelia’s photo in it, to show the passage of time, because it goes by so quickly.  This is the second year for her “In Mommy’s Dress” session and it was adorable.  I hope one day these will be shown at her wedding and hopefully she will want to make her momma’s dress her own and wear it on her wedding day, but if not we have these sweet memories to cherish.

Amelia Grace, Mia loves you, more than there are stars in the sky, more than all the sand in the sea, I love you more than my heart can describe, my sweet Amelia you’re precious to me. ( this is a song I made up to sing to her)


In Mommys Wedding Dress 9

In Mommys Wedding Dress 10

In Mommys Wedding Dress 1 In Mommys Wedding Dress 2 In Mommys Wedding Dress 3

In Mommys Wedding Dress 12

In Mommys Wedding Dress 11

In Mommys Wedding Dress 13

She looked in the mirror when I put the rhinestones on her head and said, “Mia I a Queen”

You are indeed!

In Mommys Wedding Dress 4

When she gives me this look….I melt.

In Mommys Wedding Dress 5 In Mommys Wedding Dress 6

And Queens can stick their tongues out if they want to. 🙂

In Mommys Wedding Dress 7

And Queens get tired and need naps.

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