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There is nothing more beautiful than a Khimaira Farms Weddings in the fall they are drop dead gorgeous! As if the venue was not pretty enough with the mountians surrounding the venue, the rolling hills, and the massive amount of details that are everywhere, then you add in the fall colors and you have the most picture perfect setting for a fall wedding.

Cassie and Daniel, your day could not have been more perfect!  You brought West Virgina and Virgina together in perfect harmony!  The weather was beautiful and despite the time change where we lost an hour of sunlight we made everything work, and to top it off Mother Nature gave us a GORGEOUS sunset with an array of deep beautiful colors.

I fell in LOVE with your families, you all treated me as if I were family and that makes my job that I love so much even better.

Thank you for bringing me along on your destination wedding to the mountians of Virginia to tell your love story! I hope you enjoy reliving your day, because it was one to remember!

Welcome to Khimaira Farms and the wedding day of Cassie and Daniel.

When you drive up to where the girls are getting ready and it looks like this, my jaw dropped between the front fiew and the view off the deck I could totally see myself living here!

And when you step inside and it’s just as beautiful and filled with laughter and love with Jess and Paula of the Posh Pair doing hair and makeup, you are off to a great start!

Man this view just GETS me! So beautiful!

The moment you put your dress on for real is magical.

So radient and happy! Both of you.  I adore you both!

Kaiti, Cassie’s Matron of Honor was the only one of her girls allowed to see Cassie’s dress so we made all the other girls wait outside while she dressed

then made them close their eyes until she was ready.

Their reaction was priceless!

Her Daddy’s reaction was equally as precious!

Off to get married!

Meanwhile the boys were getting ready across town.

The drive to back to Khimaira Farms from the cabin was beautiful!

Cassie wanted to have a peek of the hall and a few photos with her girls before being tucked away as guests arrived.

How cute is this photo of cassie with a goat when she was little, and now being married on a goat farm!  Talk about history playing itself out full circle.

Linda and her crew at Khimaira definitly know how to decorate for a wedding!

As friends and family start to arrive a harpist and a floutist start to play and the mountians made a joyish sound! I LOVE the Harp.

Young and old were all smiles!

I could not hear the conversation that Daniel’s parents were having just before walking down the isle but these photos made me laugh too.

Eline, you were so beautiful! You just shined!


I love to see a bride smile all the way down the isle! Cassie, your smile like your heart shined the entire day!

And when Daniel laid eyes on you walking toward him,  he never took them off of you!

Can we all just say OH MY….that backdrop is amazing…and the overcast skies made the colors and mountians just JUMP out at you.

©Melody Gillikin Photography | Khimaira Farms Wedding |

That glance and smile when you realzie you are MARRIED to the love of your life!

What a fun bridal party!   Kaiti and Nic did this at rehearsal and promised to do it again 🙂 and they nailed it again.

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. Papuga you both did fabulous jobs raising such amazing kids! Congratulations, you both got winners for new sons and daughters!

It would not be a Khimaira Farms Wedding if at least one goat didn’t come out to see the bride and groom, and attempt to eat her bouquet.

The sun was setting quickly because of the end of Day Light Savings Time, so we had to work quick but man did it pay off! With every location change the sky burst into the most beautiful array of colors matching the colors of fall.

©Melody Gillikin Photography Khimaira Farms Wedding

©Melody Gillikin Photography | Khimaira Farms Wedding |

Reminds me of Gone With The Wind.

©Melody Gillikin Photography ©Melody Gillikin Photography | Khimaira Farms Wedding |

Oh the dramatic sky!

©Melody Gillikin Photography | Khimaira Farms Wedding |

Let the party begin!  West Virginia Style…

Groomsman Nick O’Neal wrote and sang Cassie and Daniels first dance song!  It was so pretty!

Cherish these moments!

Cassie and Daniel did not want to do the traditional cake cutting and tosses so they could spend more quality time just enjoying family and friends, and I thought that was cool!

So we had fun just shooting details!

 The DJ kept the floor dancing we stole away for 15 min to do some night portraits.

I always encourage my couples to make time for these photos in their timeline because they will reget NOT having them more than they regret taking the time to do them.

©Melody Gillikin Photography | Khimaira Farms Wedding |

©Melody Gillikin Photography

The moon was beautiful and full!

Better than fireworks! Beautiful real moonshine for the West Virginia lovers wedding!

©Melody Gillikin Photography

Back to party the night away!

And no mountaineer wedding would be complete with out a last dance and singing Take Me Home Country Roads, before the exit!

You absolutley had the best day ever! and so did I!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Papuga.

Thank you for asking me to tell your love story! It is a beautiful one!

Cassie and Daniel, may you have many adventures toether that take you places you never imagined, but let the roads you travel always lead you home.

The Vendors and friends who made their day perfect!

Venue | Khimaira Farms

Brides Gown | The Boutique by B. Belle

Groom’s attire | Mens Warehouse

Rings | Mervis Diamond Importers & Midtown Jewelers

Flowers | Vivian’s Flower Shop

Catering | Hanks Smokehouse

Cakes | Bijou’s Sweet Treats

DJ | DJ Josh Nicol

Hair and Makeup | The Posh Pair (Jess Barbini & Paula Stone)

Photography | Melody Gillikin Photography










A Hilton Oceanfront Wedding never disappoint! and  Brad + Brianna’s wedding was proof!

I have never been to Texas, but after this wedding, I know exactly what a Texas wedding feels like! BIG, FUN and full of laughter and a ton of LOVE.

I first met Brad and Brianna back in 2016 along with her beautiful momma Colleen at a Starbucks in Chesapeake.  I was referred by Allie, Brianna’s cousin and a past bride.

It felt like we had known each other for years and we were INSTANT friends!  Brad was quiet and just nodded a lot while the girls talked all about wedding things and an engagement session!

Brad and Brianna met at Sandbridge beach so of course, that is where we did their engagement photos!  You can see them if you click HERE.


Fast forward to September 23, 2017, when two lives and two families became one!

 It was a day to remember for sure!  From warm Indian Summer warm weather to an awesome vintage car for photos.   A bridal party that was as fun as they get!  Tears of joy, tears from laughter and the BIGGEST dance floor filled to capacity most of the night with so much dancing and LARGE Texas size family photos!  What a fun wedding for sure!

Brad and Brianna congratulations to you both, now let’s relive your day!


I think if you have ever been to Virginia Beach you know right where this wedding took place!  Because King Neptune marks the spot! A Hilton Oceanfront wedding in Virginia Beach.

Hanging with the girls’ pre ceremony is always a ton of fun, hearing all the laughter and taking photos of all the pretty and fun details!

Meanwhile, Brad had a wonderful surprise when his grandmother who had been hospitalized just a few days earlier from a stroke showed up.  She was determined to be there on his big day!

Brianna, your Alfred Angelo gown was beautiful!  Vintage lace is my fav!

I don’t exactly remember what was said, but I think it had to do with Brianna’s little sister and Maid of Honor’s bedazzling her shirt…with her name  🙂

You will never be too old for hugs and girl talk with your momma…and your little sister.

Guys getting ready is a little less detail filled but when you get to hang with your favorite people and uncles It doesn’t take long to realize just how lucky you are for these people in your life.

I love first looks with brides and grooms but…Ahh father and daughter first looks….get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This smile of anticipation could not be wiped from his face!

When Brianna’s dad reached out to me for information on who locally had vintage cars for rent because he wanted to surprise them for their portraits…I was alllll kind of giddy with excitement!  He could not have found a more perfect car!  Convertible and TEAL!  Complete with a driver!  So we took off to a remote part of the North End of Virginia Beach for portrait fun!

We found a cute catamaran and pretty dunes!  Who cares if it was 1pm in the afternoon and 85 degrees We made some beautiful portraits in the harshest sun…no problem!! 🙂

©Melody Gillikin Photography

When you are at the beach, it’s kinda cool to get photobombed by some local surfers!

Back to get the I DO Crew in some photos!  Your bridal party was LOUD and FUN..just like I like them!

I don’t know whose idea this was, but I am certain we could be friends!  <3

I love memory tables at weddings, it’s a beautiful way to remember and include those who are watching from heaven!

Ceremony time!  With the view of the ocean and 300 plus chairs!

This photo right here…cracked me UP!  Then and now!  Your face is priceless Brad.

Apparently…lighting the candle was humorous!

When their eyes met. <3

The blessing of the rings, Father Parke told me that the family did not know this was going to happen but wanted to make sure I knew to be upfront to capture their expressions.  He was such a wonderful addition to their ceremony, so personable and told me to be wherever and do whatever I needed to be to get the photos they paid for!  He is the BEST, and he spoke to my wedding photographer heart when he told me that!  It’s so hard to be told, you can’t do this or you can’t do that… when your brides and grooms pay top dollar for their photos and then restrictions are put on you because of outdated rules.  It was such a blessing to be able to do my thing for them and not feel like I was breaking a cardinal rule!

I mean look at the reward of freedom!  The looks on their parent’s faces are priceless.

Mr. and Mrs. Duesberry!

And their FAB I DO Crew!

The cutest guest book idea!  They plan to hang this on their wall!

A few “Just Married” photos.

I don’t always put family photos in my blog stores…but this family was too sweet with to many sweet stores not to include a few. I don’t know who’s the luckiest in this photo. Brad for his new family or this sweet family gaining such a wonderful son.

But they have the sibling thing down already LOL.

And this photo right here, is priceless.  You see Brad’s mom suffers from severe Alzeheimers.  We were not sure she was going to be up to the stimulation of the day to be able to be there, but with the help of Brad’s sister and family.  She was there for the ceremony and we made sure to capture every photo we could of her!  She especially LIT up like a beautiful Christmas tree when she saw her grandchildren.  It’s the simple little things that make you smile.

So for Brad to have his mom and his grandmother there for one of the biggest days of his life, was a GIANT blessing!

Your ballroom was simply elegant, just like you!

Let the party begin!

Mr. and Mrs. McGuinnes you sure know how to throw a Texas Size Party!  It was simply BEAUTIFUL!

As I look at fathers dance with their daughters, I often look at their faces and wonder what are they thinking? About the day they were born? Their first steps? Their first date, or first broken heart?

Daddy’s and their little girls…the one who loved her first, the one who set every example of how a man should treat her.  Your role is so important and this dance is always one of my favorite moments especially when I see this emotion and love.

I LOVE when my couples make time in their evening for a few night or sunset portraits,  it’s something they will never ever regret doing.

And when the ocean mist creates sparkle behind them…it’s magic!

©Melody Gillikin Photography

There was a band playing so we stopped for a little slow dance before going into PARTY!

And did they PARTY!  Wide open nonstop full on Party!

I told ya’ll BIG Texas Style family photos!

Let them eat cake and toast (or roast) the couple!

The toasts are when you really get to know your couples! LOL.

And this party would not be complete without their McGuinness family wedding tradition of dancing to New York New York.

Dance, Dance, and Dance some more.

The LARGEST group of single ladies this year!

After the tossing was done…we did our own little exit before calling it a night, and what a night it was!

Brad and Brianna, may your life together be filled with as much love and laughter and family as you had on your wedding day.

No one could ask for more to have a perfect life!


The fabulous vendors who made Brianna and Brad’s day FABULOUS!

Venue ~ Hilton Ocean Front, Virginia Beach

Photography ~ Melody Gillikin Photography

Event Coordinator ~ Antonia Christianson Events

Brides Dress ~ Alfred Angelo Bridal

Grooms Attire ~ Mens Warehouse ~ Black by Vera Wang

Hair and Makeup ~ MUA LLC.

Flowers ~ Fluttering Flowers

Cake ~ My Cake Delights

Catering ~ Hilton Ocean Front

DJ ~ Hey DJ Bobby

Photo Booth ~ Boardwalk Entertainment

Ballroom Lighting ~ Blue Steel Lighting

Sweetheart and Cake Table ~ Waterfield Event Rentals

Vintage 56 Chevrolet ~ Private Owner

Escort Cards ~ Paper Dolls Designs

Officiant ~ Father Jim Parke


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be apart of your day and tell your love story!  XOXO













Meet Brittany and Michael

Brittany is an ER nurse and Michael is one of the owners of several Chico’s Pizza restaurants in the Hampton Roads Area.  I met them over a year ago when Michael messaged me about his and Brittany’s wedding.  Little did I know how small my world was going to get when it came to them.  Michael and I had many mutual friends (and clients)  and when I met them at one of his restaurants after many several emails with Brittany trying to nail down a date because of their busy schedules, it was like we had been friends for years!  I knew within seconds that not only were they gonna become my clients, but friends.  They are the sweetest, funniest, hardest-working people….and they have a bulldog!  Kindred hearts right??

Fast forward past their engagement session (which you can see a few of their photos here) to one scary Sunday afternoon….when I rushed my husband to the hospital because we thought he was having a heart attack…I was busy on my phone calling my daughter when Brittany walked in and asked my husband his name and when he told her his last name was Gillikin, she spun around and saw me…and said OH MY GOSH, and hugged my neck….you can’t imagine the relief I had in my spirit in that second, knowing she was one of my husbands nurses.  And our world got smaller…and the rest, as they say, is history.

Michael and Brittany, I am so honored to have been your wedding photographer, and I am even more honored to call you friends.  You have a WONDERFUL circle of friends and an even more wonderful family.  I really enjoyed getting to know them all!  You both certainly made my job very easy because you guys were gorgeous! Your genuine hearts shine through your smiles!

Here is your story told with my camera and with my heart!

©MelodyGillikinPhotography Contact me at 757-620-7952 to hire me for your wedding


Hampton Roads has some of the prettiest historical places and this is one of them. The Hermitage Gardens and Museum.  So beautiful, elegant and full of historical grace located in the heart of Norfolk, Va.

The museum often has different exhibits on display and we were lucky enough to have “The Burning Man” exhibit as part of the unique decor surrounding their wedding day.

The girls got ready at Brittany’s parent’s stately home, as I opened the front door I could hear the laughter and chatter that usually happens where all the girls are gathered and I knew it was going to be a fabulous day!  And when I saw her dress….and it was blush/ivory lace I seriously got all giddy inside!

Rose gold sparkly Kate Spade tennis shoes ya’ll,  I want them just to wear 🙂

And then I met her Nanny….such a sweet sweet lady…and she was Brittany’s Flower girl.  I melted.  You see Nanny had suffered a stroke awhile back and Brittany being the nurse and sweet granddaughter she is she nursed her back to health to the point that she could drive again.. I heard phrases like “she gave me my life back”  what a sweet bond these two have.

Besties and Bridesmaids and beautiful moms make for happy smiles.

I love this time….dress time, it’s always such a surreal moment for brides.  Brittany, your dress from Studio I Do was simply amazing and it was STUNNING on you.

And when one of your bridesmaids works as a consultant at the bridal shop you got your dress from, it’s placed right, every single time! 🙂  Leslie, on the job!

We had to take 5 minutes to capture all that gorgeousness at her parents home before heading to see Michael for their first look.

Such a classic beauty!

Meet Chauncey! Look at that bully face! <3  He was an honorary best man…but he slept on the job.

The real reaction to a sip of moonshine LOL. Looks like water, smells like apples…nope that’s moonshine.

The boys.

This girl on the left, Brittany P.  she is part of the amazing crew form Chic Unique Vintage Rentals and Events that helped Brittany S.  pull off an amazing day, with impeccable timelines and perfectly styled details.

I am sure Brittany S. was smiling because she knew she was in good hands. She was the most relaxed bride ever.

I love these moments when daddies see their little girls all grown up.

Then off to see her groom in a private first look in the coolest location.  A Stick house. 🙂

That moment when all is right with the world and the perfect light shines down on you as proof.

Man, I love first looks!

Then it was off to meet their possie….and all through the gardens, you could hear.. One yell “Marco”….and someone else “Polo” as they got closer to the location where we were to meet. She was letting them know “we were on the way”.  How cute.

When Brittany saw her bridal bouquet for the first time….she was all smiles!  It was everything she imagined and more.  And it was a jaw dropper for sure!  As were all the bouquets and flowers!

And then it happened…Leslie got a little freaked out at Brittany’s idea to jump off the wall since she had not walked down the aisle yet and fearing a fall and envisioning grass stains on that beautiful dress but it was too late, they jumped LOL.  I have to admit..I was a little worried too…I have had guys jump but never a bride, but I guess girls just wanna have fun too.

Off to get these two married.

Do you see what I see in the leaves and branches of that old oak tree….it added it’s own special touch to their day.

The light was just right to pick up a heart.

Brittany your expression is PRICELESS!

These parents should be very proud!  They both got lucky in their new children!  Rich marriage heritage right here!

It’s rare, a couple gets to enjoy any part of their cocktail hour, and we even ran 45 minutes late, because of a broken down limo that had the grooms family on it…and we STILL got finished with family photos in enough time for them to not only enjoy cocktail hour but sunset photos!

The clear tent top, the beautiful rose gold, and mint green, the rustic charm details all made this reception hall beautiful!

And a doughnut bar…A DOUGHNUT BAR!  Just look at those names, and try not to let your mouth start watering! I dare you.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson.

When you recommend a DJ to your bride and you tell her you need to book him ASAP because he gets booked far in advance and she listens…you get Roger. You know it’s gonna not only be a party but a show!  I love watching him in his element.  He kept the dance floor rockin all night long.

This had to be one of the FUNNIEST garter extractions this year!  This groomsman shaved his LEGS  put on Brittany’s shoes and a petticoat!!! to help pull this off and I don’t know who’s expression was better the groomsmen when Michael kissed the inside of his leg and growled…or Michaels when they pulled the blindfold off and realized what had just happened or the guests laughing but we were allllll dying!

Love…it’s what this day was filled with and what the night air whispered.  It was in the air.

We stole away for a couple more photos before their grand exit

Part of the burning man exibit was lit so we took full advantage of it.

And they lived Happily Ever After….and partied the night away at Chico’s with close family and friends.

Brittany and Micheal

It was an honor to be apart of your day, to be there to capture every moment.  Thank you for asking me to be your photographer, thank you for trusting me with your most precious memories.  May God richly bless you and Michael with many years together!


Here are the professionals who made this day so beautiful and amazing!


Wedding Venue: Hermitage Museum

Dress: Studio I Do ~ All the Rage  Designer: Allure

Photography: Melody Gillikin Photography, Heather Hartsell and Assistant Lisa Powell

Planner/rentals: Chic Unique Vintage Rentals – Sharon Royster. Lead Planner Brittany Peedle

Flowers: Kelly Gish Floral Designs

Makeup: The Makeup School by Sarah Rillon

Hair: Enchanted Styles: Jenny Darden

Catering: Montero’s

Doughnut Bar: Amazing Glazed

Cake: Brides Aunt

Event Rentals: Distinctive Event Rentals

Entertainment: Astro Entertainment: to provide DJ, LIGHTING, AND PHOTOBOOTH. DJ Roger Cruz

Videography: Troy Gleason

Officiate: Roy “Cotton” Markert

Transportation: Coastal Limousines













Being a Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer is always awesome because it can take me from the Oceanfront to the Country in less than a 10-mile radius!  We really do have the best of both worlds here.

And a wedding on the Pungo Prairie is especially fun because it’s my old stomping grounds!

Oh and July weddings are some of my favorite weddings…why you ask?  Because I love summer, and July is also my birthday month 🙂

The month is full of celebrations from the 4th of July, summer vacations and my birthday 🙂

So July is good.

The story of Kristen and John.

Kristen and John have been together for a long time and finally decided to make what they already knew official…

That they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together! To love each other until the day after forever.

So they gathered with their family and friends for a simple country celebration!

It was so easygoing and relaxed with cornhole, good fried chicken. and sweet tea.

Kristen, you are so beautiful and your smile and laugh is completely charming and contagious!

I wish you and John all the good that life has to offer and then some!

Here are my fav’s of your wedding day to tell your story!


A dragonfly came up and landed on Kristen’s boot as I was photographing them….they signify change and change was about to happen!

I just love the moments when a girl slips on her dress for real, it’s so surreal and fun knowing that this the real moment…the one you have been waiting for.

© Melody Gillikin Photography, Contact for more info for your wedding

The boys were down the road, not far getting ready for the big day.

The little one running across the stage…lol…love it…it’s real life!

This is some elated parents right there!

That split second before a kiss…that’s where the real passion is.

The New Mr. and Mrs. Walsh

The soft golden glow of the sunset on the prairie that day was simply beautiful.

It’s obvious…that only the girls knew how to dance, I don’t think I saw one guy dancing.

The rest of the night was filled with laughter, fun and CAKE and all the traditional wedding fun!

Off into the night.


Congratulations Kristen and John!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your day, and I wish you many many many happy years together!



Venue: Pungo / Creeds Ruritan Club

Brides Dress: Designed by Allure

Brides Maids Dresses: Davids Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Paula Stone Stylist and Makeup Artist

Catering: Fraziers What’s Cooking

Cake: Family Friend,  Mona Kennedy (whom I went to High School with…small world!)

DJ: Cory Chapman ~ Astro Entertainment 

Rings: Dimond Direct











Cathy + BobJack = Second Chance for Love

I believe in second chances and

Love is…..taking that second chance and finding happiness the second time around.

Cathy and BobJack met on a blind date arranged by one of her best friends and now bridesmaid Darian.

I was concentrating on capturing their photos at church reception and trying to listen to the speeches all at the same time as they were happening, but it went something like this:

They met on a blind date

Their second date was at her house babysitting her crying twin granddaughters and they rocked them to sleep together.

The third date was dinner and a movie and she fell asleep LOL.

I think he decided somewhere between rocking babies and falling asleep on him that she was a keeper 🙂 A real family gal.

It took him over a year to introduce her to his kids because he wanted to be sure before he brought someone else into their lives….that’s a wonderful caring dad!

I love hearing about second chances at finding love and I am very honored to have been apart of your day, to photograph this beautifully blessed union of two souls who finally found each

other in the midst of a bagillion people…

I believe that our God is the God of second chances, especially when it comes to giving and receiving love.

Cathy and BobJack here is your day.  May God truly bless you both and your families as you become one.



Their day was simple yet beautiful!  Surrounded by the people who love them the most. Their Children, their parents, their best friends. What could be better?

 Cathy’s Something new, was her dress of course and it was beautiful on her

Something old was her boots

Cathy has twin boys who both serve on the police force in two different cities, She wore blue in honor of them as her something blue.

And who doesn’t love a cute puppy with a bride 🙂

And what could be any more precious than your daugher helping you get in your wedding dress!

Her something borrowed was a dollar from her girlfriend…LOL who promptly asked for it back at the end of the day since it was just borrowed. 🙂

Cathy’s grand babies kept saying….you look like a princess and her new daughter hugged her in silence with the sweetest smile ever.

Cathy your kids are both handsome and beautiful!

This photo right here…when I took it was just to document the room as it was and then….when I really looked at it I got goosebumps because there is so much more to this photo in the shadows.  I know it’s just shadows from the flowers and my flash, but I do believe it’s also confirmation that God (in his own quirky way) was with them. On the right it appears to be a figure carrying a cross, on the left the shadow looks like a warrior walking.  In the silence of this quiet place before two souls became one, God showed up! Even in the shadows.

A quick prayer before beginning their journey.

I love when brides walk down the isle and connect with people they love by seeing them be present and not behind a cell phone!

Their parents were the SWEETEST!

Pam (the friend Cathy is smiling at in frame left) was not sure she was going to be able to make it because of a family issue and traffic coming from NOVA.

You can see the joy when Cathy sees her!

Yea…this totally happened! LOL.

The speeches from coworkers and long time friends and family were perfect.  Sharing, tears, laughter and genuine love for them both.

They got their money back LOL.

This was THE SWEETEST!  His dad had this attached to the back of his scooter as he tooled around the fellowship hall. <3 <3 <3

We took a few minutes to rest and put on boots before heading to a secret location for their portraits.

A special moment with her new daughter. Priceless.

 I followed Cathy and BobJack to a private location on a friends property where he proposed to Cathy. That’s where they wanted their portraits and it was PERFECT! When we arrived the couple who owns the land had left them a sweet gift just perfect for photos!

They didn’t dance in the church so we took a moment to just let them dance. No music, just the sound of two souls in deeply in love.

“Can I have this dance with you for the rest of my life”

I LOVE Mimosa Trees!  And we found one still in bloom on the trail back!

No matter the road, no matter how hard, just take my hand and together we can conquer it all with love.

Mr. and Mrs. BobJack Harrel est. June 24th, 2017

Special Thanks to the following for helping make their day possible

Darian-for arranging the first blind date!

Davids Bridal – For Cathy’s beautiful dress

Cindy Lynch and Barbara Dobbins for the delicious cake.

Sharon Mercer, Floral Occasions-for the GORGEOUS flowers

Cute personalized Cake Topper – Ebay



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    It was a beautiful wedding and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. And, I am so glad that these pictures have been posted to Facebook. They are wonderful.ReplyCancel