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Anna and Tyler

 Despite Virginia’s weather mood swings, your beach wedding at the Sheraton Oceanfront was beautiful!

I am so honored to have been part of your day and capture every moment for you and Tyler to cherish forever.

Thank goodness it warmed up some and so glad you both braved the cold chilly air to create some beautiful images on the beach!

Here is your day…your BEST DAY EVER (so far)

I laughed…cried…and smiled a lot with you all day! Just seeing you guys so happy and in love makes my job so easy!

Don’t let the blue sky and puffy white clouds fool you…it quickly became overcast and it was so cold the fountain was full of icicles!

But inside it was sunny and 75! With a beautiful bride and all her details!

I LOVED this ring box! So personal and perfect!

Boys being boys! LOL.

The moments with your momma as you get into your wedding dress for real….it’s a beautiful thing.

Anna, you were simply stunning!

The look on their faces says it all!  I LOVE all kinds of first looks!

And this one….your daddy was so sweet.

And watching your momma…watch the two of you was sweet too. Her heart must have been bursting! I know mine was!

It was sooooo cold but that did not stop either of you from making your first look warm and full of love.

Tyler, your reaction was PRICELESS! I always get teary!

I love this romantic image of you guys!

Sheraton Oceanfont Wedding Melody Gillikin Photography

It was so cold our goose bumps had goose bumps…everyone was eager to get inside for a few portraits before the ceremony and to get

feeling back in our faces LOL.

Ceremony time.

The image on the right below caught my attention and caused me to pause and think…I wonder what was going through your daddy’s mind as he looked at you in this moment.

Was it remembering the day you were born? Was it the first time you took your first step?

Was it remembering the first time you said “I love you, daddy”

Was it your first day of school? Your first date?

I wish I had asked him but whatever it was, I am sure it was with a heart full of love.

And when your daddy took over the ceremony after giving your hand to Tyler….I melted.  The room was so full of emotions.

I have to admit…when I was taking this photo I was also seeing the sky turn pink outside and could not wait to get your “just married” photos on the beach.

 The Heavens agreed and the skies rejoiced with an array of beautiful colors!  Even if it was only for the last 5 min of sunset, it was BEAUTIFUL! Beach Wedding Photography www.melodygillikinphotography beach weddings

First Dances…I love them.

These two ladies right here! They did a FANTASTIC job coordinating the day and keeping everyone on track…not to mention they toss a pretty mean veil. 😉

I love following the bride and groom around to the tables seeing them with their family and friends.

Not gonna lie…the song that was played during the mother and son dance had me a blubbering mess behind my camera.

Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman.

I had never heard it before but man….is it a powerful momma song.

I truly don’t think there was a dry eye in the room.

Julian had the dance floor full all night long!

I loved the ombre blue cake and the cute topper, but the fun detail on the back was totally them!

Back to dancing the rest of the night away.

Anna’s veil belonged to her momma, she wore it on her wedding day and so did Anna’s sister. So we had a little fun with it to commemorate its meaning.

We then snuck away for just a little bit for some night portraits by the pool…ahhh. I LOVE them.

The night wrapped up with some photo booth fun and the traditional tosses.

The little ring bearer cracked me up…I thought he was gonna be the only single dude on the floor! LOL!

And then off into the night as the new

Mr. and Mrs. Disharoon

Established 12-17-16


Anna and Tyler

Thank you again for trusting me with your most precious moments and memories!

I wish you and Tyler the best life has to offer for years and years to come!


Today was also made possible by the following wonderful friendors!

Venue- Sheraton Oceanfront – Nancy Rosen – Event Manager

Brides Dress –Here and Now Bridal

Guys Suits – Men’s Warehouse

Hair and Makeup – Nina Quintana of Abracadabra Salon

Flowers – DIY Bride and family

Cake – Patti Cakes Inc.

DJ – Julian Rivera

Catering – The Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel

Cute ring box – End Grain Wood Shoppe (Etsy)

Day of Coordinators – Angela Carley, Kelsie Carley, and Allison Disharoon

Videographer – Riverdale 24 Productions

(you need to click on THIS link to see their video!)


The temperature in Norfolk | Newport News for this vow renewal was exactly 20 below zero (ok I might be exaggerating a tad) on December 10th 2016…

but it didn’t matter because it was

 Chrystelle and James’s wedding day!!!

But I am sure the wind chill was pretty close to zero and that’s not typical of Virginia weather in December. It’s normally in the 50’s at the least.

Anyone who knows me knows….I love love love Christmas and the Christmas season,

and this wedding vow renewal was such a wonderful way to kick off the Holiday season.

Chrystelle and James have been married for a few years but when they got married they just did a quick little wedding ceremony because they

both serve our country in the Military and often have to go in different directions so when the time was right they

planned the perfect day….the day they always wanted.

The one they dreamed of  when they first got married and were determined to make it happen with family and friends.

Chrystelle and James, Thank you so much for allowing me to tell your love story!

Here is your day! And a beautiful day it was!


I like to be at the rehearsals if I can make it so I can see how the ceremony is going to flow so there are no surprises on the wedding day and boy was there!

So many special moments that were significant and meaningful to them.

But I was most excited for their walk back down the aisle because they are HUGE Alabama fans…well James is now by default and vows LOL and so when

they walked back down to Sweet Home Alabama…I was so excited because I knew I liked them…but now I LOVED them! <3

The day started as usual with everyone getting ready, hair, makeup, and hairspray and lots and lots of laughter and smiles.

Chrystelle’s details were so pretty they all had that old Holywood Noir look to them so I photographed them that way.

Ok let me pause right here and say that is Chrystelle’s MOM helping her with her dress…not her sister…her MOM! I want what ever skin care she uses!

I don’t think I have had a groom that smiled and laughed as much as James.  We had to make him do the “serious face”  🙂

There is just something about those father daughter first moments, when he sees her in her wedding dress. He was speechless. <3

Talk about brave…the sun was going down quickly and they ALL went out for a group shot.  I am not kidding it was frrrreeeezing.

This moment right here is probably one of my very favorite non-first look moments. They were back to back in chairs and their families and bridal party all

gathered around them to pray, worship and sing.  I was covered in goosebumps the entire time.

There were tears of joy and sheer emotion that spilled out all over that room.

It was overpowering and spirit filled.

NewLife Ghent is so pretty inside the lines, curves and stained glass are beautiful!

Every bride should take a few moments to herself before the ceremony and service, to take it all in, to savor the moment.

The worship service was moving!

James didn’t know that this moment was gonna take place, and what a beautiful symbolic moment it was.

I love the first kiss…but I love the moments and the hugs right after, so sweet.

Then cue the music. Sweet Home Alabama! and then dancing back down the aisle.


The first few moments after the ceremony are so full of pure excitement, love and joy.

Many couples opt for their exit to be from the ceremony site vs at the end of the night and I loved the lit colorful sabers! FUN!

It was dark and too cold to do any bridal party photos outside so we opted for inside. What a good-looking group!

However, they braved the cold together but LOVE was keeping them warm.

My second photographer, Michelle,  was running around with a can of aerosol fog spraying like crazy for these two images…and ummmmm you sprayed a smoke HEART! <3 How Awesome!!! Then it dissipated.  But still cool.

Off to dinner and dancing!

First Dances <3

See, constant smile on Jame’s face.  Happy man for sure!

I did mention she was a chef right?  Chrystelle came up with her own amazing menu and let me tell you it was AMAZING!

Let the par-tay begin!

Speeches and laughter…there’s that grin again…I tell you, you could NOT wipe it off his face all day!

I gave them a little surprise..a few photos from their day in an album before the day was over.

Cupcakes are always the BEST!

Last Dance before being whisked off into the night for a few night portraits to finish out the night.

There could not have been a better way to end the night and it included the best backdrop in all of Hampton Roads for their night portrait, The Hampton Coliseum!

Chrystelle and James it was a sheer delight to document and tell your Love Story!

Your day was filled with so much detail and meaningful moments.

I pray that you will forever in love and will look back on your day with big smiles and realized just how blessed you are!

Special thanks to all of the frienders who made their day possible.

Please put your hands together for:

Wedding Planner / Event Coordinator- The lovely Kristin Visher

Brides Dress – Blush Bridal Boutique

Gentleman’s attire from Ace Tuxedo Newport News

Hair and Makeup – The Fabulous Tanza Hines

DJ / Photo Booth – The awesome 196 Events

YUMMY Cupcakes by – Scratch Bakery 

The beautiful flowers were designed by – Kate Fiore Floral Design

The cute flower girl dresses were created by- Star DeJesus at Starstyles

The gorgeous tables and event decor decorations and set up were by – Tammy

The FABULOUS Menu and Catering by – Chef Kyle at Embassy Suites and Hotels – AMAZING menu and fabulous flavor!

Venues:  New Life Church Ghent / Embassy Suites Event Convention Center Hampton

  • Drew Miller - February 28, 2017 - 11:33 AM

    An event to remember! Very proud of you two. May God bless your eternal journey!ReplyCancel

Meet Erin and Lee and Ethan…they are now a sweet little family!  Their Folly Beach SC destination wedding at the BEAUTIFUL Regatta Inn Bed and Breakfast was simply one of the sweetest intimate waterside weddings I have photographed.  Erin is my niece and I now have a wonderful new nephew Lee and great nephew Ethan. Their love story is so sweet and I am excited to share it with the world!  Although Lee and Erin tell it better with their love and compassion for each other I was so blessed to be apart of their day.  Erin and Lee here is your day, your love story through the eyes of my camera.  Love you all very much!


Erin and Lee have known each other for years sorta and one brief encounter 15+ years ago…would one day change their lives forever…they took different paths down different roads but God knew what He was doing, waiting for the right moment, the right time, when they needed each other the most to cross their paths again one night…and the rest is history.  Their history….Guys your story is going to be a great story to share with your children and grandchildren one day about how time only made your new beginnings better and sweeter!

Their wedding was held at the Regatta Bed and Breakfast in Folly Beach SC.

Since they are both from Gastonia NC, I asked why Folly Beach?  Erin’s reply

“We were on a fun get away weekend in Charleston and decided to roam and explore and found Folly Beach and we LOVED it, its a cool little beach town with a ton of charm, so when we started trying to find a place to get married and most of the venues were booked for our date we both said Folly Beach!, and it was perfect!

They booked their distention wedding at a place they loved! It was PERFECT! charming and has down right beautiful views! I think you will agree!


Erin and her best friend and maid of honor Carrie were just having a great time! Enjoying the morning with all things, mimosa, makeup, hair and music! What could be any better on your wedding day!

Lee being the most thoughtful romantic man ever…sent her flowers that morning and had written notes for Erin to open at different times of the day…all timed out to when she should open them.  When she woke up, noon, 2 pm, and just before she walked down the isle …. I mean really, my makeup on the last one would have been a complete mess!  Erin you did great with these…and your makeup was flawless even with tears…thanks to my beautiful daughter and your cousin Paula. 😉

Being the only photographer that day, I had to jump between Lee and Erin taking photos so while the girls were sipping on mimosas I ran across the hall long enough to grab a few shots of the boys…

This little guy right here! So cute! And the bestest little best man EVER!

He adores is daddy…

The 2pm one got her!

This was the BEST…yep I cried behind the camera.  Just seeing my sisters face as she helped Erin into her dress was enough to take me over the top.

You were simply stunning!

And this…always….always….gets me.  There is just something about it.  The moment your daddy walks in the room.

They wanted a moment before the wedding ceremony but didn’t want to actually see each other so we opted for this!

Their moment was just an hour away and I had time to slip away and go photograph the ceremony site and a few details just before guests started arriving.

The guests arrived, the music started to play and just like that, the once Miss Taylor, will soon become Mrs. Isley.

That last daddy’s kiss for his little girl….and that first step toward being Mrs. Isley.

I loved this photo!  Lee’s expression as well as the pastor and his best friend watching his expression with smiles too!

Then wiping a tear…He was so sweet.

Ok…funny not so funny capture….during the opening prayer….the seat my son in law was sitting in crashed to the ground with a LOUD bang…and of course everyone tried NOT to laugh…but laugh they did…proof by the hand over Amelia’s mouth. LOL.

I love a good first kiss….but the way Erin took Lee’s face in her hands and smiled at him!  Better than any kiss!  <3

Erin became an instant momma and could not be happier about it…her love for Ethan is so precious…as you will see.

See the beautiful Carrie on the left?  Yea…the real Carrie is on the right!  She is sooooo FUN! And beautiful…a great combo!

These Two…have been best friends since the first Erin and Lee encounter years ago. 🙂

Not sure what he whispered….but it made for a great photo.

Off to be announced as Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Erin Isley!

When culling the photos down to the 1400+ images (YIKES) I almost tossed this one out…until I saw my sisters face…over to the left with her hands clasped in front of her smile….beaming from ear to ear for Erin as she watched her dance with the love of her life…what a sweet moment.

SC law requires brides and grooms to sign the marriage license so it’s part of their photos of course!

They asked John to say the blessing…and where Poppie is…Amelia is not far.

The sunsets here are simply amazing…and today was going to be no different.  But first…a good ole down south low country boil for dinner! YUM! Complete with Sweat Tea, and Lemonade of course!

These two ladies right here!  Jessie and Alexa did a FANTASTIC decorating, setting up and coordinating the entire event!  Things went so smoothly!

As the sun began to set we took a few more moments to capture it with Erin and Lee.

and a few others 🙂

Dancing is part of the FUN for the evening…some photographers don’t like this part as much as other parts of the day….but me I LOVE it…peoples personalities come out on the dance floor, and I love capturing their expression…fun and just the over all party fun!

And then there’s Paula singing Shoop…always a show stopper. 🙂

Ummmm her cupcakes were to DIE for…the salted caramel ones…best I have EVER had! EVER!

Night portraits are always one of my favorite times….who am I kidding I love every single moment of the day LOL…but I do love the night portraits.

And night selfie portraits… 🙂

And portraits in front of your venue! <3

Then it’s back to dancing the night away!  Ummm… boy Ethan can dance…!!

DJ Michael Peifer from Wedding Music Charleston…kept the dance floor full!

Lee’s dad can dance swinging all the ladies around the dance floor at least once.

Did I mention that Ethan can dance?  The boy can Whip and Nay Nay better than most adults…and at age 6 actually won a dance contest proving it!

And just like that…all the cupcakes had been eaten…all the dancing was done and it was time to send the happy couple off with love and sparklers….on to the next portion of the night…the FOLLY BEACH crawl!

They wanted one last dance alone…and it was a beautiful moment. Erin cried as we walked out…and I remember her saying…”it’s over? I don’t want it to be over, it went by so fast”  yes it does…but hopefully I did my job and captured every single moment so you can look back anytime you want to and relive your day over and over and over again.

I think they will agree… BEST. DAY. EVER…thus far!  I know there will be many many many more happy moments in your future!

My sister blinks a lot…but in these photos…I can tell its an intentional closing of the eyes out of savoring the moment as she says goodbye to Erin Taylor and hello to Erin Isley. <3

The Folly Trolly…took them all into the town to continue their fun…

Erin and Lee

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture your day! I love you both very much!

Here is a shout out to all the fabulous friends and vendors who made your day so beautiful and perfect!

The BEAUTIFUL Venue:  Regatta Inn Bed and Breakfast

The GORGEOUS Brides Dress: Poffie Girls Gastonia NC

FABULOUS Hair and Makeup: Paula Stone

BEAUTIFUL Flowers: Carey Roberts Design Company

DELICIOUS Cake / Cupcakes: Cupcakes Down South

AMAZING Catering: Christopher Castner / Just Eat This

PERFECT Event Coordination: Jessie Peterson and Alexa Hodge

AWESOME DJ: Michael Peifer from Wedding Music Charleston

WONDERFUL Bar Tender: Mark Hayes from Snyder Event Services

BEAUTIFUL Wedding Music / Strings: Coastal Chambers Musicians


Norfolk Botanical Gardens was the perfect backdrop for your Disney inspired Beauty and The Beast inspired wedding.

When Kevin and Val first met me at Starbucks to talk about their wedding I knew just how much Kevin and Valerie adored each other.  Val’s eyes lit up when she told me it was a Disney inspired theme based on Beauty and the Beast.  I knew it was the wedding of her dreams! And the way Kevin looked at her I knew that he would give her the moon if he could pull it from the sky, so I was sure he would make this the wedding of her dreams!  In-fact several times he conveyed that to me…by saying “I want this to be everything that Val ever dreamed of because she deserves it”, and he did he made her every dream come true for her! The Norfolk Botanical Gardens were simply beautiful for their wedding.

Valerie you were one GORGEOUS bride on your wedding day, I don’t think there was one moment that you were not smiling from ear to ear.  And when you put on your wedding dress you lit up the room, like a princess waiting for her prince.

Here is your wedding day through the eye of my camera….it was beautiful and just perfect for you and Kevin and your little family.


Your day started with hair and makeup by the awesome Paula Stone.

Your precious daughter was so cute..she felt like a princess too.

Your dress was nothing short of perfection!

This moment…right here! <3

This was moment was precious…she was so excited to put her floral crown on. Just look at her expression.


This moment always…ALWAYS gets me! Daddy’s first look at his little girl in her wedding dress.

Man! So pretty! So so pretty!

Your colors were amazing with the back drop of the rose garden!

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

The heavens agreed…you were stunning!

That top hat!!! So cool!  Loved it!

This location at Norfolk Botanical Gardens is so so beautiful….so beautiful!

Here comes the bride!

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

He promised you a rose garden…and he delivered.

Your kids are adorable!

See the way he looks at you Val?

Always Daddy’s Girl.

This Cake TOPPER! So you…so simple and FUN.

Let the dancing begin!

This exit though!  LOL!

Thank you for having me there to capture your day and tell your love story!

A legacy for years to come!


Here is the stellar line up that made your day amazing.

Brides Amazing Dress: Essence of Australia from Maya Couture

Grooms Dapper Tux: Vera Wang from Mens Warehouse

Perfect Hair and Make-up by: Paula Stone

DELICIOUS Catering: East Beach Catering

FABULOUS Cake / Cupcakes : Incredible Edibles Bakery

Beautiful Florals: DIY by the bride

Amazing Amazing Venue: Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Details / Pretty Paper / Stationary : Bride, Echo Flower

And special thanks to my awesome sidekick and second photographer! Heather! xoxo

Many Blessings!


When you have a hurricane named Matthew brewing that is NOT supposed to hit VA but does… make the best of the day!

We were one of the lucky weddings of the day because it was an early wedding so we were all able to get home safely before the worst hit.

All in all it was simply a gorgeous day filled with a lot of love and family, the rain and wind did put a damper on their day!

Tracy and Dusty here is your day!  It was beautiful!

We started the day off at one of the COOLEST makeup studios!

If you have not visited this salon you should!

The Makup School by Sarah Rillon


dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-1 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-2 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-3

It’s even more special that Kyndall Lane was the super fabulous hair stylist for the day.  She made everyone look beautiful and between the two

everyone looked



Off to the Lesner Inn for final touches and getting MARRIED!


When I walked into the room and I saw her dress was PINK! I squealed like a little girl…It’s PINK.  In the years I have been photographing weddings I have not had a bride with a PINK dress.  IT was so pretty!  So so PRETTY! Well done All The Rage Studio I Do Bridals…well done!


dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-8 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-9 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-10

Love the getting ready moments.  They are surreal and exciting, building up to seeing each other for the first time.


dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-11 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-12 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-13 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-14

Although her momma walked her down the isle…her daddy was with her in spirit.


First looks, I love them but his expression when he turned around was as precious as it gets.  He was so giddy nervous he was laughing before he turned around.

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-16 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-17

 His expression was the BEST!


This moment….I love showing my couples each others faces as they embrace!  Sheer JOY!


And then the awwww moment, when you melt into each others arms and all the anxiety melts away and you get to take portraits.

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-20 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-21 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-22 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-23

Stunning BRIDE!

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-24 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-25 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-26 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-27 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-28

Although Matthew was brewing..the wind died down and the rain held off for a bit longer.

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-29But… all God’s creatures knew it…they were preparing for the storm by coming inland..dolphins were playing in the waters… birds were resting.

Then I saw the solitary bird in the air….and  when I see one bird in the air like this I am ALWAYS reminded of the bible verse.

Isaiah 40:31

“But those that wait on the Lord will renew their strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles and soar”


What a fitting start to a beautiful ceremony of two families becoming one.

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-31 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-32 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-33 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-34 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-35

This was the sweetest moment…her nana and her daughter during the prayer.

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-36 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-37

Loved the family unity candle!


Tracy is loves her Nana…so she turned to her to give a nod and a smile before being pronounced Mr. and Mrs. and you may kiss your bride moment.


When the kiss starts with a warm embrace and ends with happy clapping…it makes for happy smiles!

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-40 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-41

This moment…who knew in a few short weeks Tracy would be saying goodbye to her Nana, the woman she called her hero. I am so glad we were able to capture THIS moment…this is what it’s all about!

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-42 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-43

These are the women that Tracy loves!  Her mom, her Nana and her best friend.


The room was beautiful in Blue and Gold with hits of pink and rose gold sequins!


dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-46 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-47

Mr and Mrs. Thayer

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-48 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-49 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-50 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-51 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-52 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-53

This naked cake by Patti Cakes Inc – Emily  Patti was DELICIOUS!

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-54 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-55 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-56 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-57

Not only is Brittany the amazing Lesner Inn Event and Sales Manager…she’s hands on during the reception if needed.  She can pour a glass of champaign like a boss.

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-58 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-59

I love the mother son dances but the father daughter dance…just melted us all into a puddle…


This was her daddy’s best friend who surprised Tracy when he stepped up and stood in for the father daughter dance. There was not a dry eye in the place.

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-61 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-62

The photo booth was fun…with that ended with a twist.  see that little mask behind the bride….Dusty was ready to reveal his alter ego.






Jay from Astro Entertainment was the music master for the day!

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-66 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-67

Because Matthew would not let us go outside…we had bubbles inside.

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-68 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-69 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-70


This hug and kiss was one of the most precious moments of the day…in loving memory of Dorothy “Dottie” Vanwhy.


And because Batman made an appearance they exited to the Bat-cave for their honeymoon.  🙂

Sorry I could NOT Resist posting these last couple of photos….for Dusty.

dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-73 dusty-and-tracy-wedding-blog-74


Thank you so much for having me as your photographer!  It was such a FUN day!

Despite the nasty weather it was a PERFECT day!

Here are the people who helped make this day amazing.

Awesome Venue and Catering – Lesner Inn

Beautiful Pink Bride Dress – Studio I Do All The Rage

Gorgeous Flowers – Lasting Impressions 

Delicious Cake – Patti Cakes Inc. – Emily Patti

Music and Fun Dancing provided by – Astro Entertainment.

Makeup Artist – Sarah Rillon – The Make Up School 

Beautiful hair styles – Kyndall Lane from Twist Salon at Edinbrugh in Chesapeake.



  • Jenna Childers - December 12, 2016 - 9:04 PM

    Melody, you are one incredible photographer and have the energy of 100 energized bunnies! You captured it all and then some. I feel sorry for Tracy because I don’t know how she will ever pick the photos that she will want because if I were her I would want them all and I feel even worse for Dusty because he’s stroking the check! But, the good news is, you did them up right!!!! There’s not one bad picture in the bunch! You nailed it girl! Memories that will last a lifetime!!! A++++++ReplyCancel

    • mgillikin - December 13, 2016 - 12:37 PM

      Oh…my brides don’t have to choose..they get them all…way more than what I pulled for the blog story…<3 I spoil my brides, it's true! Why because I know what it's like to NOT have good photos from your wedding day...and I WON'T have that for any of my brides...EVER!ReplyCancel

  • Catrina Watson - December 12, 2016 - 9:19 PM

    Absolutely gorgeous!! I am actually teary eyed. Took me back to every moment of their wedding. Thank you! Job well doneReplyCancel

    • Melody Gillikin - December 13, 2016 - 4:18 PM

      Thank you very much!ReplyCancel