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She’s Getting so big… Amelia 11 months old

It’s hard to believe that in a few short weeks..this little one that I love so much will be a year old.  It’s been a a QUICK year.

Not sure how or where time went.

I never thought of myself as a child photographer, that was until Amelia Grace was born.

Once she started getting older and started developing her personality, it’s been so fun to photograph her.

I think I really like photographing children but that’s easy to say when it’s Amelia  because she knows and loves me and my camera.

 When it comes to photographing other children…it all depends on how they react to strangers and how quickly I can warm up to them or them to me,

as well as their temperament. But I love trying…and playing with them.

We took Amelia out to a small farm in Suffolk…where we played in pumpkins, cotton, buckets of corn, cornfields,  pumpkins and a pig named Carl.

The cotton fields they had around were smushed and pounded into the ground by the dozens of preschoolers that visit the farm

So as we left I said a little prayer..Lord, I really would love to photographer Amelia in a pretty cotton field if you could point us in the right direction…

And within seconds He answered the simple prayer of an ernest Mia.  and Wa-La. There was the prettiest cotton field that had not been harvested yet.

Complete with a perfect little area for us to pull off park and photograph her.  It was the best shots of the day…funny how that works.

Amelia Grace…one day when you read these blogs and see the photos I hope you have good memories of our adventures.

I love you.

Love Mia.


Amelia Grace 11mo_0001 Amelia Grace 11mo_0002 Amelia Grace 11mo_0003

Oh..Mia. You crack me up.  🙂  This is her peek-a-boo face.

Amelia Grace 11mo_0004 Amelia Grace 11mo_0005 Amelia Grace 11mo_0006 Amelia Grace 11mo_0007 Amelia Grace 11mo_0008

My two babies…I love them so!  Wet sloppy baby kisses are the BEST!

Amelia Grace 11mo_0009


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