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FINALLY! Megan’s Bridals-Melody Gillikin Photography-South Carolina Bride.

One of the HARDEST things for me is to shoot a bridal session of a breathtaking bride and not be able to post or share any images for weeks sometimes months!!!

 To say I had a hard time narrowing down these images for Megan’s final gallery for her to pick her favs from…

….is quite the understatement of the year….

….but here they are…


The chair was a gift from her daddy to her momma on their 3rd wedding anniversary…a beautiful antique folding chair.

These first few images were take at Lake Bowen, in South Carolina.


Megans Bridals_0001

Megans Bridals_0002

Then we went to the wedding day venue Lenora’s Legacy in Campobello South Carolina.  What a beautiful location for a wedding.

20140713-MGP_9349 20140713-MGP_9360-Edit 20140713-MGP_9361-Edit 20140713-MGP_9363 20140713-MGP_9366 20140713-MGP_9372 20140713-MGP_9378 20140713-MGP_9379 20140713-MGP_9394-Edit-Edit 20140713-MGP_9395-Edit 20140713-MGP_9424-Edit 20140713-MGP_9428 20140713-MGP_9431 20140713-MGP_9437 20140713-MGP_9450 20140713-MGP_9453 20140713-MGP_9460 20140713-MGP_9480 20140713-MGP_9490 20140713-MGP_9498

This is the image she chose to display at their reception.

20140713-MGP_9509-Edit-Edit 20140713-MGP_9512 20140713-MGP_9514 20140713-MGP_9529-Edit

We went back to the location of  Megan and Adams engagement session to do some bridals at this AMAZING  little old cottage ruins.

20140713-MGP_9557 20140713-MGP_9595 20140713-MGP_9596 20140713-MGP_9603 20140713-MGP_9617 20140713-MGP_9624 20140713-MGP_9628 20140713-MGP_9640 20140713-MGP_9651-Edit 20140713-MGP_9653 20140713-MGP_9654

We finished the night by chasing the sunset so we could also capture the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background.

What a beautiful end to a beautiful day with a beautiful bride!

20140713-MGP_9664-Edit 20140713-MGP_9697

You were a beautiful bride Megan!




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