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I Am A Wedding Photographer

TRUTH…I am NOT a birth photographer…I am a wedding  and portrait photographer, I love weddings…it’s my mantra…I will say it over and over again….but I love a love story and this is a true love story that is close to my heart…so when your a photographer and your daughter gets engaged…gets married and has a baby…you take on a different genre of photography even if it’s one that is out of your comfort zone….even if it’s  birth photography. Our Amelia Grace blessed us with her arrival on November 7th at exactly 4:10am. I could not be more in LOVE…and so proud of my daughter and son in love…here is their birth story.


 FACT…Paula was the 12th baby born in this very hospital 27 years ago…in November….how ironic Amelia was born here too…in November.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0001

Early on…smooth sailing.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0002 Amelia Grace Delivery_0003 Amelia Grace Delivery_0004

Candy crush…but not for long.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0005

These girls are all mommies….and they are some of her best friend.  They have been there for each other through thick and thin…

Amelia Grace Delivery_0006

Things get serious quickly…pitocin working…epidural not working…she was a rock star to do this without a ton of pain meds and a ton of pitocin.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0007 Amelia Grace Delivery_0008 Amelia Grace Delivery_0009 Amelia Grace Delivery_0010

She was still able to be goofy and  smile in-between contractions…but not for long….again Rock Star!

I am not sure where she got her  tolerance for pain…but I know it was NOT from me….I have zero!

Amelia Grace Delivery_0011 Amelia Grace Delivery_0012 Amelia Grace Delivery_0013

Amelia Grace Delivery_0035

Amelia Grace Delivery_0014 Amelia Grace Delivery_0015

One of the hardest things to experience as a mom is watching your child suffer and not be able to do anything but hold their hand…it’s heart wrenching.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0016 Amelia Grace Delivery_0017 Amelia Grace Delivery_0018 Amelia Grace Delivery_0019

They sat in the corner like church mice…awaiting their newest “girlfriend”

Amelia Grace Delivery_0020 Amelia Grace Delivery_0021

One final push…and…

Amelia Grace Delivery_0052

Her birthday…..Welcome Amelia Grace.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0022 Amelia Grace Delivery_0023 Amelia Grace Delivery_0024 Amelia Grace Delivery_0025

Daddy’s girl….already has him wrapped.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0026 Amelia Grace Delivery_0027 Amelia Grace Delivery_0028

Dr. Bass

Amelia Grace Delivery_0029

One proud daddy….this makes me cry every time I look at this.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0030

Amelia Grace Delivery_0033

Amelia Grace Delivery_0034

Amelia Grace Delivery_0031

Amelia had some very special visitors her first 24 hours…Her Nanny and great grandma…

Amelia Grace Delivery_0036

Papa…her great grandpapa.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0037

Gam and grand-dad….they are pros…they have 3 more grand babies.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0056

Her Poppy…or Papa John…:) but I think that’s already taken and trademarked…

Amelia Grace Delivery_0032

I will be Mia…or Glam-ma. 😉 preferably Mia.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0038

Her new uncle Dr. Jake…

Amelia Grace Delivery_0040

She has no hope of being anything else but a Redskins fan.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0041

Waiting to go home….

Amelia Grace Delivery_0043 Amelia Grace Delivery_0044

Thanks to Papa John…for picking up the camera…and capturing these.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0045

Practicing her girlie…pinky up etiquette.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0046 Amelia Grace Delivery_0047

These dimples….oh my.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0048 Amelia Grace Delivery_0049

Listening to some country music with momma…before heading home…

Amelia Grace Delivery_0050

Amelia Grace Delivery_0054

Funny story:  When they took off her foot bracelet it set off the alarm in the hospital…alerting everyone and locking down doors we could not get out….we had to be escorted out through private elevators…just like rock stars!  🙂  Now that’s an exit.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0051

Three Stones…head off into their future… <3  It’s going to be grand.

Amelia Grace Delivery_0053



I will be the FIRST to admit…Birth photography is hard work…and worth every penny and more for what they charge for their coverage for this very important life moment….professional wedding photographers work an average of 8 to 10 hours, for an average of $3500.00 for their time, talent and images (and we work very HARD during those hours too)…but birth photographers work between 10 and 24 hours (with no respect to when that time starts or stops)…to capture moments that can NEVER be repeated for that child’s birth.  If your considering hiring a birth photographer (and you should! it’s so worth it to have those moments)  please please please contact Kimberlin Gray Photography.  She is truly the best in this area for this and worth every penny (and more) for the work and time that she provides to capture the birth of your child.  My hat is off to  you Amanda….Although I would not have been anywhere else on earth than right there capturing the arrival of our Amelia Grace….I will repeat the mantra…I am a wedding photographer and “I love weddings”  🙂




  • Anna - November 13, 2013 - 11:04 AM

    Momma Gills I CRIED when I saw these! So glad that Paula was surrounded by so many amazing people that love her, Justin and little baby A. Miss you guys so much – she did so good, what a beautiful Mommy!!!!!!ReplyCancel

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