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I Can’t EVEN!

Tell you how excited I was

when Sharon emailed me to say….” Bri and I would like to invite you to dinner….we have a few upcoming projects we want to include you in”  I of course said yes lets do it…

I sit so much in front of my computer during the week….dinner with new friends sounded amazing!!!

 I had only met Sharon twice…and Bri once when I was asked to photograph their BEAUTIFUL Chic Unique inventory at their cute little shop in Suffolk…and there was an instant feeling of having known them for a long time!  What two wonderful souls they are!!

Dinner was soooo good at the Riverstone Chop House in Suffolk…I HIGHLY recommend them and the fish taco’s  YUMMY!

But getting to know them a little more was even better!!

Bri…I hope you don’t mind that I oooo’d and awwww’d at your day job….She works for NCIS!!!  How cool is that…I felt like I had met a movie star..LOL.  She was kind enough not to burst my bubble…about how the show and the real life NCIS were different hehe…  And then to realize that Sharon has one of the toughest jobs imaginable….in Hospice.  Just make me appreciate these two ladies even more….

But when they pulled out a pretty little green bag with pink paper and a white curly bow…and inside I pulled out this little beauty below…

I had a hard time (even now thinking about it) holding back the tears….

Bri had even researched MY  “M” font from my logo for it….I was speechless for a second…

…then blubbered probably way to much and to loud as the table next to us kept turning around and looking at me LOL..

Sorry who ever you were…but I was excited. 🙂


When I got home I just kept thinking how lovely a gift….THEN…when I opened it today (with Amelia’s help as you can see) to make it a permanent member of my camera family…

… And I started reading the box…and again I teared up!!!

 Not only is it a beautiful strap with MY font….and my branding color.

But the company they chose also has a non-profit side…which just make me smile even bigger…

…because most of my “corporate career” jobs have been in Non Profits…like Make-a-Wish, Operation Smile, and Operation Blessing.

And I have always had a heart for non-profits who help those who can’t help themselves.

So to know that something I will take with me to every wedding has helped someone less fortunate…is like icing on the proverbial wedding cake SWEET!

So I immediately went to Fotostrap site and hit LIKE…on their Facebook Page and so should you!

Collage 1

Sharon and Bri  have no idea how something like this blesses a heart like mine!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU…

I am very excited about our working together in the very near future on the projects we talked and look forward to wonderful fun!



If you haven’t already….you should go like their FB page and tell all your friends and brides about their VAST selection of cool vintage items!

Chic Unique Vintage Rentals Facebook Page…Here!


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