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I Prayed and Prayed…..A Photographers Prayer, Heart and Promise…


I prayed and I prayed….and when I decided almost 3 hears ago to walk away from my 9 to 5 job it was scary and felt like I was free falling into the unknown…but what I did know is that I had a passion for Wedding and Portrait Photography that bloomed back in high-school…but I never felt like I was free to pursue my passion with my heart because I needed to be an equal bread winner in our home…meaning I needed to have a stable job with steady income.   It never dawned on me until a few years back that I could do both and fulfill a heart felt passion and earn a living with photography.

Fast forward to today, I still need to have a steady income and help support my family, the only difference is I just found my nerve to step toward making this happen with a camera and some freaking AWESOME clients…but helping people understand  that this was a career move and that I did not leave my full time job for a hobby has been a real challenge  at times even in my own family.

So let me just say this and get it out of the way….and I say this with love….

This is my career not a hobby….I love what I do with all my heart….but love does not pay the bills…I wish it did cuz I would be the wealthiest person alive!  🙂 just sayin’

So it’s time to get real about what really goes into a typical session for my time and talent:

 1 hour pre-consult for the session discussing your desires for the session, location, style, feel.

30 to 45 min drive to the location depending if its country, beach, or city.

up to 2 hours of shooting depending on the session

30 to 45 min drive back home

1 hour uploading and backing up images to multiple locations for data safety and providing a sneak peek on social media

1 hour uploading to editing software

2 hours or less culling images and prepping for editing (depending on how many images taken)

3 to 5 hours of editing time, again depending on the amount of images and creative juices that flow as I edit them.

1 hour prepping edited images getting uploaded into a gallery for review

1 hour or less prepping chosen photos and sending them off for print.

1 hour or more receiving prints, putting images on a CD or jump drive and delivering to the client.

If the client wants a book or album…there are more hours involved in design and ordering….

Approx 15 – 20  hours of work time goes into one session-and that is just my time invested in ONE session…not to mention the cost of doing business, gas, equipment, products, taxes (gag!) etc.

My time and talent invested in weddings is FAR FAR FAR (did I say FAR enough???)  more ..because of the hundreds and hundreds of images  taken at weddings.

So let’s talk about weddings…

I am SUPER passionate about wedding photography and everything that goes into it….wedding photography is one of the few tangible items that you will walk away from your wedding day with that you will have for generations….it should be among one of the top budget items for your wedding, a true priority.

I will use my own wedding day photos as an example

I have never been happy with my own wedding images because I got a friend to shoot my wedding with little experience and very low budget…therefore I only have one or two images that I like from my wedding day..most were poorly lit, out of focus..had no real moments in them and just generally not good.   I cringe when I am asked to show someone my own wedding photos…and I wish someone would have said this to me….  You GET what you PAY For!!! Don’t Skimp..!

I mean really look at the shadows…out of focus…and the BANGS!!! Totally not the photographers fault! LOL…but wow!  And this is ONE of the two that I even like. Sad.

I say all of this because I want my friends, family and clients to know that I take this career SERIOUSLY and Passionately….it’s not only just my career but it’s also my passion.  I love what I do…I love seeing and feeling moments as they happen and  being able to capture them…I pour hours and hours into your photos…. your moments captured…. because I know how important they are….I wish a thousand times over that I had hired someone who had that same passion as I do… and not just someone with a camera.

But I can’t afford you….

I completely understand that professional photography is at times often a luxury item especially in these economic times…but I believe it’s the one luxury item that you NEED to have in your life for you, your wedding day, for your family… for now and for generations to come.  But I also know people cringe at the cost of a professional photographer for weddings or portraits…. but trust me….it’s a known fact that people WILL invest their time, energy and money in things they value and are passionate about…they will find a way to make it happen…the bottom line is…if you value good photography you will invest in it….you will find a way to obtain and it make it happen…Think about what you have spent money on…Coach bag?  Awesome Color and Cut for your hair (that lasts what..6 weeks)?  That pair of hot boots?  That vacation…That tattoo?  That Car…that __________you fill in the blank….If you want it bad enough and value it…you will find a way to make it happen…be it save  for IT or splurge for IT….IT will happen whatever IT is you really want.  I know personally I do this….we all do.


So please hear this photographers heart….and trust my promise….


Bottom line if it’s me you want as your photographer..GREAT…let get the ball rolling because I would LOVE to be your photographer…if it’s someone else do what’s necessary to make it happen…

in the end you will be grateful you did…..don’t settle!!!

Much love!



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