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Lake Bowen Wedding Photographer-Randy and Amy~A Family Wedding

I love my job as a wedding photographer, I get to photograph people on one of  the happiest day of their lives…to be a witness to all of the smiles, tears, laughter and love and capture them for generations to come.  It’s one of the best parts of being a photographer…but when family asks you to be apart of their day, well its extra special and extra emotional.  And Randy and Amy’s day was just that, extra special for so many reasons.

John and I first met Amy almost 3 years ago, when my cousin Randy and Amy came into town for the weekend and we all met for dinner at The Attic at Watermans in Va Beach.  I knew from the second I met Amy she was the one for Randy, not sure if Randy knew it or not yet…but I suspect he did!  She is this sweet southern girl with a sweet tea country kinda drawl, a down home smile with the nicest personality you have never met.  She pretty much sums up the picture of a sweet, down-home, country girl.

This was a second marriage for both of them and well they really just wanted to keep it short, sweet, simple and all about family. So they picked a day in March, called my Aunt Loretta who lives on Lake Bowen, in SC and asked to turn her house into a wedding chapel for the day.  And man what a pretty setting for a small intimate wedding…They Made all the phone calls, ordered all the flowers, cake and cupcakes.  Mom’s made the food, Loretta arranged all the flowers and the Aunts pitched in to help decorate.

A family friend who is an officiant perform the short and sweet ceremony and with only close family there to witness the moment they said their I Do’s, exchanged rings and finished with the Lords prayer….and “you may now kiss your bride”…was said and the ceremony was over.  They then had a very sweet idea called a “drop in reception”  for a couple of hours, where they invited more family and friends to just drop in and join them for hors d’oeuvres, and cake to celebrate.  I LOVE the idea.

Once the last guest had departed we spent about an hour running up and down Highway 9 looking for some great places to take some portraits.

There were two moments during the day that made my heart swell with love, one was seeing the money tree, this tree was different than I had seen at other weddings, this one all of the money on it and the money Randy and Amy would receive that day as gifts would go to support Hospice, because you see my uncle Jerrie was not able to be at the wedding because brain cancer took him from us the year prior  and Hospice helped his family through it.

The second thing that made me tear up was the little jar of ashes that Randy carried in his pocket with Amy’s ring tied to it…because you see my Uncle Jerrie was still Randy’s best Man…right there with him.  Although my Aunt Rachel stood in his place he was there with us, it was a very touching moment for me.

Our family is very close, and although some of us live far away or we may fuss, and not always get along, we are still family we support and love each other in the good and the bad.

Because you see we all know that life is to short to waste our time on anything else.

Here’s to family, Love and Happiness from this day forward.

Randy and Amy Blog-1

The Hospice Money Tree in honor of Jerrie Whiteside.

Randy and Amy Blog-3 Randy and Amy Blog-4 Randy and Amy Blog-5

This got me…Uncle Jerrie you are missed but not forgotten.

Randy and Amy Blog-6 Randy and Amy Blog-7 Randy and Amy Blog-8 Randy and Amy Blog-9

Randy…you know have 3 bosses now right?.  Your mom…your wife and your new daughter. 😉

Randy and Amy Blog-10 Randy and Amy Blog-11 Randy and Amy Blog-12 Randy and Amy Blog-13 Randy and Amy Blog-14

Down by the lake was so beautiful…

Randy and Amy Blog-15

Even though I was across on my Aunt’s dock shooting this and could not hear a thing being said….I can still hear you laughing in every frame here Amy.

Randy and Amy Blog-16 Randy and Amy Blog-17 Randy and Amy Blog-18

We almost got shot here….My cousin Talya was driving the get away car :)… if you’re ever in Lake Bowen and on Highway 9  and pass this cool little place

stop in here and give the guy next door a hug….He needs one.

Randy and Amy Blog-19

Love you guys

I am so glad I was able to be there for your sweet day.






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