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Melody Gillikin Photography|Surfer Girl Maternity Session

I love Maternity Photography for many reasons, but one important reason is the anticipation of life, the life within that you have not met yet, yet you love.  It Does not matter if it’s your first or 6th, it’s the same…you have felt them hiccup, you have felt them kick, you know they are there listening to your heart beat from the inside.  They know the sound of your voice and can hear music and singing and laughter.

It’s the magic of knowing that you hold a life within you that is just so beautiful, so when I get to capture a momma embracing that and all the chaos that goes along with it sometimes, it’s just beautiful to me.

Shannon lost her mom to breast cancer a few years ago, and it has been really special to me to see and photograph Shannon marry the man of her dreams on the  Eastern Shore, and then to go back and photograph her there  at the same place for her glam surfer girl maternity session.  Shannon and Cole named their precious little girl after Shannon’s momma.  Laura Brooks.

Shannon I loved this session so much, you were absolutely stunning, and so real with your emotion and love for this little girl.  You are a surfer girl at heart and so full of love, life and kindness.  Miss Laura Brooks is so lucky to have been blessed with such a mommy.

Here are the beautiful images we captured on the Eastern Shore.

Thank you for indulging me in a few ideas of my own.  You rocked the glamours too girlfriend!

Shannon Shannon Shannon

Gone are the days of hiding your baby belly and I am so GLAD, life is beautiful and should not be hidden or covered up!

Shannon Shannon Shannon

We had some fun with drama…


Shannon Shannon

Then on to classic beauty….Shannon each look you rocked with ease…

Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon Shannon

We finished off the night back where she is most alive…with her surfboard near the water.

You should see the nursery! A beautiful hand painted mural of the surf and sand. That’s a blog post in itself.



I wonder what you are thinking here?  I look at this image and see deep thought.

Shannon Shannon

Life may have chaos in store for us sometimes, but with the setting of the sun, it rises again with new promise for those of us who believe.

Embrace these days, for they are good.  May they always be filled with hope and promise but most of all love.


Love you Shannon!




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