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Roscoe The Rescue….Trying To Earn Trust… Learning To Let Go.

Roscoe was a bulldog rescue that I was lucky enough to find….or did he find me?  I am not sure, but what I do know that in a very short amount of time he won my heart.  He had been dumped by his owner on the side of the road with another bulldog companion.  Both were sick, and in need of love and care.  After being in a shelter for 10 days I picked him up on a Tuesday and brought him home.  His girl bully was in need of medical care before she could be released into rescue…For three weeks we had him in our home, trying to reach him, earn his trust let him know we were not going to hurt or harm him and try and mend what was broken by spoiling him in every way we knew how.    We were sure he had found his forever home with us, but it turns out he needed more…He needed something we could not give him.

When he should have been growing more comfortable in his new home, he was growing more anxious and grumpy sometimes trying to bond with us…others knowing he did not belong here.  He had lashed out at me several times for unexplained reasons…Not knowing what on earth the problem was I started searching for answers on a FB forum for English Bulldog Rescue’s.  There are so many loving people in that forum…I finally ran across a new friend…Danielle.  She friended me and the friendship began.   She talked me down off the cliff on many occasions at my wits end not knowing what the issue was…with Roscoe.  One of my thoughts was that he missed his bully companion and was mad at me for it somehow like I was at fault….I even caught him staring at himself in the mirror one day..LOL…and he went back to that mirror several times…perhaps thinking it was her…? I don’t know, at the time I thought it was funny…now it seems so sad.  I think he really misses her.

It finally came to a head late one evening after a very anxious hour for Roscoe, he snapped on me again.  Out of desperation I called Danielle, knowing that our home was not where Roscoe needed to be because  I now feared him and I think he knew that.    Knowing what I knew about him and how he was aggressive toward me…a shelter would have probably put him down upon taking him in so Danielle came to the rescue of Roscoe…at 11pm.  We had to let him go….

When Danielle took him home and we immediately knew what he needed…it was confirmed….what he was looking for….other bullies.  Danielle has been a foster home for bullies of all kinds helping find them their forever homes and saving them from being put down.    Danielle turned out to be the Angel of Rescue for Roscoe until she could find a home that had other bullies that he could be friends with and once again be with what was familiar to him and calm his anxiety.  After just a couple of days she found a home for him and he is now blending in wonderfully with his new forever family….

Even though my heart is sad that Roscoe could not find happiness with me,  I am so glad he was able to find a place where he could call home, be loved..and live a long happy bully life…when I took this photo a couple of weeks ago..I was not aware just how lucky this little English bulldog was…he definitely has the luck of the Irish with him so these are appropriate photo so say goodbye and give you an Irish wish.   May you always find happiness with your forever home, run with your friends and be smothered with love.  I will forever remember your high fives, and your rolling over for cheese…

  • Michelle - March 16, 2013 - 6:07 PM

    Melody, I’m so sorry for the difficulties you and Roscoe experienced. Your story moves me to tears. I was a foster mom for two boys, one of whom we adopted. The other was not meant to be with us. Your story reminds me of this horrible time in our life, when we should have been happy. Letting go is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life! I can tell that you know in your heart that this is the right thing. Please know that your heart will heal, and with time, you’ll see with even more clarity. I will be praying for you and Roscoe. <3ReplyCancel

    • mgillikin - March 17, 2013 - 9:10 AM


      Thank you so much. It was hard for sure but he is thriving in his new home with his new bully brother. I was not meant to keep him apparently but was meant to get him to his new family. I will find the right one soon.

      Your thoughts and prayers are so welcomed!


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