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Smithfield VA Senior Portrait Photographer | Windsor Castle Park | Maelyn-Great Bridge High School Class of 2014

If there is one thing I could do over…

I would go back in time and re-do my senior portraits….and do THIS shoot.  A country girl…cowboy hat, red barns, soybean fields, my puppy and my camera would  have been my “props”  This was one fun shoot…

Running all around Smithfield’s Windsor Castle Park, chasing the beautiful light…and photographing a beautiful sweet young woman.

When Maelyn smiles…you smile to, it’s just that contagious!

Her puppy…Bella…come on…you KNOW I loved that puppy…if not only for the name but because she was the best well behaved pup ever on a shoot…she just hung out when it was not her turn to be in a photo.  She loved the country too….

Maelyn, with your sweet personality and gorgeous country girl next door looks your senior year is gonna be stellar!  It was so much fun to hang out with you and your momma…I wish you so much happiness and success!

We found all kinds of critters….bunnies and SNAKES…but NO photo of the snake…I was running to fast!


Great Bridge High School!  Class of 2014

A girl and her Jeep…if that ain’t country I don’t know what is…..

 At this point…I realized I had misplaced my keys!  LOL utter darkness Thank goodness for video lights, we probably looked like we were Skype hunting..LOL.. It’s a country thing.

What a blast…especially when I found my keys IN my camera bag, after tearing apart my car.  If you know me…this is ME.  🙂


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