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Something For Me ~ Identical Twins ~ Vintage Bike and Cotton Fields

I don’t often get to shoot something for me…

Waaaaaay on back in the spring when I first reached out to Amanda about a shoot I had this vision in my head of identical twins…flower crowns…and fields.  But between my wedding schedule and their busy life with little ones and their Etsy business Grantley Designs …. and then there is this thing called the Hampton Roads weather….yea that in it self is not too reliable… so trying to pull this off was nothing short of a fine tuned dance…but we finally were able to get this done!  It’s funny how things just have a way of working themselves out…because I don’t think this would have been as pretty had we just picked a day and ran with it and settled for what we had…it had to be perfect and as this evolved it became something beautiful….

truly beyond what I had in my mind.

THEN….Amanda reached out to me with a sweet little surprise….she was expecting and we needed to do the shoot soon because she would be showing very soon!!  So as we were narrowing down the day and location once again I was on the search for an unplowed cotton field and when I called my sweet pal Sharon at Chic Unique to inquire about using her super cute vintage bike for the shoot I asked about a cotton field out her way…and WALA…she told me where the perfect field was.   See things really do work out how they are supposed to…and this came together smooth as silk, and as beautiful as all get out…I hope you will agree.

Thank you Amanda and Sarah for being such perfectly FUN and beautiful models for my shoot.  You are the BEST!

Twins Blog Post 1 Twins Blog Post 2 Twins Blog Post 3 Twins Blog Post 4 Twins Blog Post 5

Getting these two to keep a “serious model face” was challenging and funny….almost every time we got the cracking up photo.

Twins Blog Post 6


Twins Blog Post 7 Twins Blog Post 8 Twins Blog Post 9 Twins Blog Post 10

There were MANY moments when we just busted out laughing…and into song…because of something said…hehe.

Twins Blog Post 11

These two…if you close your eye and hear them talk…they finish each other sentences…and sound exactly alike.

It is so cool…to me…and I wish sometimes I had a twin..but not sure the world could handle that.

Twins Blog Post 12 Twins Blog Post 13 Twins Blog Post 14 Twins Blog Post 15 Twins Blog Post 16

Ahhhh…love this….

Twins Blog Post 17

The sun was setting…and the sun was hazy and golden…and the walk bad to the truck was just as beautiful as the rest of the session.

Twins Blog Post 18 Twins Blog Post 19

Many thanks girls….we will do this (or something like it) again very soon!



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