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Finding The New Me…Sorta…The new Blog!

Here it is….The New Improved Blog.

I am a Virginia Wedding and Portrait photographer and  have needed a fresh new website and blog for awhile now.  I searched and searched for a style or design that I could fall in love with that screamed ME, I looked at a thousand blogs and websites trying to find one that was IT that was 100% ME!.

It was a long long search before I FINALLY  just picked this one and tweaked it a little bit for me…because honestly I loved them ALL! Don’t even get me started on colors….UGG! Even worse.

Can I honestly say that this style is IT…the end all, be all Blog website design forever…Totally ME??


I am  admittedly A.D.D when it comes to my style.   I love modern style..a little grunge…soft and simple, vintage, shabby chic and BLING.  So  I have come to terms with my lack of being

“a certain style”.

That IS my style…a little bit of it all.

So this baby will probably evolve and grow and change with me as my style changes, as I change. I mean really does it matter?  The fashion styles change every season and most of us follow suit..

so why can’t we as photographers, artists keep changing our style too??   Evolving?  (as I type this my blog style has already evolved some from when I started! LOL.)

If we are not changing and growing we are stagnate and dying on the vine…so I am ok with being a chameleon and with change.

 I think it makes me who I am and I am ok with that.

I have never met a style of photography that I did not love…. so for that reason..I am able to offer all styles of photography for my clients.  It is totally up to what they want…

So what are you looking for… for your wedding…your photography session?

Classic….Stylish….Themed…Fun…Crazy….Grungy….or something a little feminine!

It’s all good and I am game for capturing whatever you can dream of…for your  wedding…your session and making it the BEST experience possible for you.

Creating great images and ART for you and your home.

So thanks for joining me on the ride….following my photography…. celebrating  life’s moments with me and my wonderful clients (hope you become one!!), putting up with my musings,

and my adventures in life through this passion I call photography.

It’s gonna be fun to see where this continues to go.

For more information about me and my eclectic style hop on over to or find me on facebook.

Here are a few things I grabbed that say who I am….as you can see..I am a mixture of styles..with a touch of BLING.



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