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The Older I Get ~ Virginia Wedding and Portrait Photographer

The older I get…the more I realize that the material things in my life that I have once longed for and coveted

fancy cars…fancy houses….extravagant vacations and bling…

Although nice…I don’t NEED them anymore to make me happy.

They  just DON’T matter…it’s more so about the people in my life….and what I do with MY life my talents for the good of others that matters…

I think that is why I love being a photographer so much….taking those photos that in turn give people such joy….

Helping them connect and remember the important things and times in THEIR lives.

Their wedding day

Their love for each other

Their children

Their Pets

Their Special Event

Their Family

Themselves….and their self-worth.

Their past…..

Their loved ones…present and gone.

It is literally the BEST most rewarding part of my job.

Proof of this:

In digging in my pile of recipe books (of which most have not seen the light of day in a LONG time! LOL) for a recipe to cook pork chops I found this.  Something from my past…

Something my grandmother wrote down for me…on a napkin back in 1983.

She was known for her cornbread…and pinto beans.

She made the very best!

When I saw the napkin …. I remembered the day she wrote that for me……it brought back a very vivid memory of a joyous time.

Knowing that some of my other family members would love to have this too

I…..wait for it…wait for it….

Took a photo of it!  LOL..

and text  it to my cousin….and this is what she said…

“Oh my.  I want a picture of that to frame for my kitchen!! Priceless”

Which got me to thinking….it truly IS  the BEST part of my job…It’s what really’s the bottom line of why I do what I do.

Taking photos of …people…their love for each other….their wedding day….their special events….places….and things…that bring that kind of excitement….

That kind of joy….this is why I LOVE what I do.

So without further adieu here is the world famous

Cornbread recipe written on a napkin soon to be hung in a kitchen a reminder of a special person…

In Honor of  my grandmother  Viola Wilson.

Now if I could just figure out how much salt,  milk and sugar to add…. 🙂

This is  how they did it back then….

A pinch of this…a handful of that…just their special touch…never to be duplicated exactly.

Happy Wednesday!


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