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VA Wedding and Portrait Photographer ~ Family, The Greatest Joy.

As a VA Wedding and Portrait photographer I am always capturing moments for others so they can have a legacy to share for I know the importance of capturing moments..I love getting photos of brides with her grandparents…it’s so special to have them at their wedding because not all  brides and grooms are as lucky…

I never knew or understood the joy that could come with a grandchild….until I had one of my own, and with every generation it gets sweeter so my mom and mother in law tell me.

Paula and I make every effort to see that Amelia has a very special relationship with not only us but  her great grandparents too.  Paula takes her almost weekly to see her great grandparents that live in Kempsville and FaceTime’s her great grandparents in SC so they can see her grow.

My father in law has a special fondness of this little girl, he’s so smitten with her that my mother in law says “he’s a fool for her.”…and I love that, I love that she gets to spend time with him and gets to know this rough sea weathered yet gentle man.  He buys her chicken nuggets, plays her music on his guitar and banjo and reads to her, so when he has to miss her visit because of having to get car work done…he brings her chicken nuggets to my house just to spend time with her….it is a true joy to watch them because…..

My dad passed away before I was 19 years old.   He passed before I was ever married, so sadly my children never even got to know him, they were not able to hold his hand or call him paw paw Jack or go fishing with him.  He was a wonderful man so young at heart and full of life.  A hard working blue collar man that loved and provided for his family until he became sick.  All I have are a few small belongings of his, a few photos of him to share with my kids and Amelia and a single piece of furniture that he had his photo taken on as a little boy.

This stool…its a simple piece of family history.  It’s been in my family now since 1930 something….when my dad was little.  I found it in my grandmothers belongings along with a photo of my dad as a young boy sitting on it.  I have had it for years…just sitting there untouched until one day I realized that I can share stories of him and show her photos of him so she can know who he was, and take a photo with him!  Although she knows he’s in heaven she can still know the man I called daddy.  So I repainted and recovered the stool so it could be used while she was here at my house and one day possibly pass along to her….The day I took these photos was one of those days that Papa lovingly  brought her chicken nuggets because he missed her visit the day before.  I think its so special that on the very day I was introducing her to her Paw Paw Jack…her Papa came in with a bag of chicken nuggets and a smile…

They sat at the table, ate lunch and talked…just talked about everything, her visit to the zoo, her hair how cute it was, just about anything 2 year old with her imagination could talk about….and that is a lot because she has the sharpest imagination I have ever seen and the best vocabulary for a 2 year old.  She can literally carry on a conversation with you and loves to “talk about tings”

So I sat back with tears in my eyes as I listened to them talk, play and I quickly grabbed my camera again  because this was a moment that needed to be captured and preserved.  I try to take as many photos of Amelia with her great grandparents, because they are all in their 80’s and I want to make sure she remembers them years from now and know how luckily she was to have them in her life, not something every child gets.

What a wonderful day this was and one that will not be soon forgotten….the day she spent time with both of her great grandpas.


MGP_4300 MGP_4307



MGP_4333 In Papas Hands

You are loved Amelia Grace, more than you know.

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