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Virginia Wedding Photographer | Cathy + BobJack | Hickory Ridge Church

Cathy + BobJack = Second Chance for Love

I believe in second chances and

Love is…..taking that second chance and finding happiness the second time around.

Cathy and BobJack met on a blind date arranged by one of her best friends and now bridesmaid Darian.

I was concentrating on capturing their photos at church reception and trying to listen to the speeches all at the same time as they were happening, but it went something like this:

They met on a blind date

Their second date was at her house babysitting her crying twin granddaughters and they rocked them to sleep together.

The third date was dinner and a movie and she fell asleep LOL.

I think he decided somewhere between rocking babies and falling asleep on him that she was a keeper 🙂 A real family gal.

It took him over a year to introduce her to his kids because he wanted to be sure before he brought someone else into their lives….that’s a wonderful caring dad!

I love hearing about second chances at finding love and I am very honored to have been apart of your day, to photograph this beautifully blessed union of two souls who finally found each

other in the midst of a bagillion people…

I believe that our God is the God of second chances, especially when it comes to giving and receiving love.

Cathy and BobJack here is your day.  May God truly bless you both and your families as you become one.



Their day was simple yet beautiful!  Surrounded by the people who love them the most. Their Children, their parents, their best friends. What could be better?

 Cathy’s Something new, was her dress of course and it was beautiful on her

Something old was her boots

Cathy has twin boys who both serve on the police force in two different cities, She wore blue in honor of them as her something blue.

And who doesn’t love a cute puppy with a bride 🙂

And what could be any more precious than your daugher helping you get in your wedding dress!

Her something borrowed was a dollar from her girlfriend…LOL who promptly asked for it back at the end of the day since it was just borrowed. 🙂

Cathy’s grand babies kept saying….you look like a princess and her new daughter hugged her in silence with the sweetest smile ever.

Cathy your kids are both handsome and beautiful!

This photo right here…when I took it was just to document the room as it was and then….when I really looked at it I got goosebumps because there is so much more to this photo in the shadows.  I know it’s just shadows from the flowers and my flash, but I do believe it’s also confirmation that God (in his own quirky way) was with them. On the right it appears to be a figure carrying a cross, on the left the shadow looks like a warrior walking.  In the silence of this quiet place before two souls became one, God showed up! Even in the shadows.

A quick prayer before beginning their journey.

I love when brides walk down the isle and connect with people they love by seeing them be present and not behind a cell phone!

Their parents were the SWEETEST!

Pam (the friend Cathy is smiling at in frame left) was not sure she was going to be able to make it because of a family issue and traffic coming from NOVA.

You can see the joy when Cathy sees her!

Yea…this totally happened! LOL.

The speeches from coworkers and long time friends and family were perfect.  Sharing, tears, laughter and genuine love for them both.

They got their money back LOL.

This was THE SWEETEST!  His dad had this attached to the back of his scooter as he tooled around the fellowship hall. <3 <3 <3

We took a few minutes to rest and put on boots before heading to a secret location for their portraits.

A special moment with her new daughter. Priceless.

 I followed Cathy and BobJack to a private location on a friends property where he proposed to Cathy. That’s where they wanted their portraits and it was PERFECT! When we arrived the couple who owns the land had left them a sweet gift just perfect for photos!

They didn’t dance in the church so we took a moment to just let them dance. No music, just the sound of two souls in deeply in love.

“Can I have this dance with you for the rest of my life”

I LOVE Mimosa Trees!  And we found one still in bloom on the trail back!

No matter the road, no matter how hard, just take my hand and together we can conquer it all with love.

Mr. and Mrs. BobJack Harrel est. June 24th, 2017

Special Thanks to the following for helping make their day possible

Darian-for arranging the first blind date!

Davids Bridal – For Cathy’s beautiful dress

Cindy Lynch and Barbara Dobbins for the delicious cake.

Sharon Mercer, Floral Occasions-for the GORGEOUS flowers

Cute personalized Cake Topper – Ebay



  • Annette Peoples - August 19, 2017 - 12:15 PM

    It was a beautiful wedding and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. And, I am so glad that these pictures have been posted to Facebook. They are wonderful.ReplyCancel

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