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Virginia Wedding Photographer + Hampton Roads Wedding Planner Magazine = Awesome!

I was unsure when I was approached by Kristine , from the Hampton Roads Wedding Planner Magazine,

if I was in a position to spend dollars on advertising in a magazine or not…

scared was more like it…not knowing what to expect…but willing to jump and take a chance….

I am NOT  new to the business of wedding photography….but I was new to magazine marketing so it was scary.

I have now been involved with the Hampton Roads Wedding Planner Magazine for over a year now

(since their inaugural edition came out last year)

and I can tell you it’s been a

great experience for me…one of the best quality magazines I have had in my hands.

 I have met some wonderful venders and met some really awesome people in the photography business who are genuine

and who are now great friends because of my involvement with the magazine.

 I am so honored and proud to say that I was asked to work with a fantastic team of professionals on the fashion spread featured in the new

Spring and Summer edition that hit the stands today!

Click on the link above ^^^ and it will take you to the digital version of awesomeness!!!

 If you are a bride or a vender and want a hard copy of this fantastic magazine

or want to know about advertising in the next edition…please let me know.  I can hook you up!  🙂

Below is where you can find me and some of my work in this edition of the Hampton Roads Wedding Planner Magazine….Whooo Hoooo!

I am more than stoked!!!!  Oh my Gosh!

This has been a big day for Melody Gillikin Photography

Some of my best buds are on this page with me!!!!  

and Irish Isle Bed and Breakfast…one of my preferred venders AND my June Bride 🙂

and last but not least… Ad Page with Clay Hill Garden Events!!!

Today has been a good day…. a very good day!

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