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Welcome Little Man Tate | Sentara Princess Anne Hospital | Birth Photography

I had been planning to do be there for the birth of baby Mulloy for months.  I had photographed his announcement that he was arriving in the world and I could not wait!  I don’t normally do birth photography being a wedding photographer and only do it for close friends and family since its a real personal type of photography.  So when they messaged me the first time of his impending arrival I was in FLORIDA visiting my son…and I was heartbroken…he was trying to make his arrival earlier than expected so his momma Lauren, a postpartum nurse at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, went on to the hospital to get checked out…sure enough 4cm and contractions…but they stopped and they sent her home!  I have to admit I did a little sigh of relief and happy dance in the Florida sun…because I knew how much it meant to everyone including me, to be there.  You see this little guy is special, and his Granna, and mommy and daddy and his big sister Tenley needed someone to tell his little story…and I wanted it to be me.

Fast forward a week and my phone was on high alert to their text messages or calls, she had contractions off and on and one more visit to the Dr’s and the call finally came!  They were admitting her…it was show time, and I just got goose bumps again remembering the excitement in their voices. So I packed my gear some snacks ready for the unpredictable hours that might be ahead of me, because you just never know how long these little people will take sometimes to make their grand entrance, they just sometimes take their time….but not this guy, he was kind of in a hurry once he decided it was time 🙂

Ok let’s just take a moment here…..Have you EVER seen a mom look this so put together going into delivery?  She was glowing…happy….anxious…and down right beautiful.  Her Dr. even said..”I have had super models and actresses here delivering and they did not look as good as you do right now!”  I had to agree she was flawless.

And Ben…well that smile…you will see never left his face I don’t think even one time the entire day.

Lauren and Ben knew about half way through their pregnancy that their little baby would be part of an elite group,

I am talking one in 40,000 special….and they were ready to help this little one conquer the world even with the challenges that might face him.

You see he was going to be born with only one hand and become part of the elite Lucky Fin club.

This limb difference is called Symbrachydactyly and it can affect one out of every 40,000 births.

The Lucky Fin Project is a 501c3 charity that brings awareness to this unique lifestyle of children with limb difference.

The bracelet Lauren is holding below is one of the ways this charity raises money and awareness.

In reading charities story I loved how they talked about the movie Finding Nemo…he had a lucky fin too 🙂 and how it didn’t stop him from accomplishing anything and everything he wanted.

I have no doubt that this little guy will do great things, you just watch and see!

Lauren has her own successful lifestyle blog called Minding Mulloy.  Please click on the link follow her blog and go read their story. Plus they are just so darn cute!

We were asked to wait out in the hall for a few minutes as they prepared for Lauren epidural and the admission of medicine to help her labor progress, then it was game on!

A little face time with the big sister in between contractions and popsicles…I tell you they are all smiles…all the time…it’s contagious.

Ok this one cracks me up…we all had our own way of passing time…mine was obviously taking detail photos of the surrounding area…Ben was doing core exercises…Sharon..aka Granna was thumbing through the latest version of a bridal magazine, meanwhile, Momma waited patiently for the next contraction…and that machine was measuring them off the charts…so the epidural was working like a charm…

Sharon and I stepped out to grab a quick bite in the cafeteria at 5:00 pm because we were told it could be a couple of hours…and no sooner than we sat down to eat we got the call…get back up here!  And from that moment it was GAME on…he was making his arrival and he was making it fast, the Dr came in to check and immediately said…”honey don’t push let me get my scrubs on first”  and once everything and everyone was in place…with 4 pushes little man Tate made his arrival at 5:36 pm weighing 7lbs 2oz (or 3oz…depending on who you ask lol) and 21 inches long!

These moments right here….they are the sweetest most intimate moments. Those first moments you get to hold a child you have been carrying beneath your heart for months.  Feeling them kick, feeling their hiccups, knowing when they are sleeping, when they are awake, giving your bladder a fit…but these moments right here…say it all…to hold them close to your heart on the outside is a whole different emotion in itself.

And then you hear the sigh and the exhale as the momma closes her eyes in sheer relief and joy that they are here and healthy and laying on her chest.

Skin to skin time with both parents is so important with newborns and so sweet.  They seem to just calm right back down.

 Tate Benjamin! I love that name!

I am pretty sure he was giving me the stank eye here…

Once he got his vitals done and all cleaned up complete with a cute blue hat it was time to meet everyone!

Granna and Grand Dude

Including his new big sister Tenley.

The strong arms and gentle touch of a loving dad are some of the most beautiful images.  They only get to feel the bumps of the baby from the outside so those moments after they are born and they hold their child with wonder….are magical.

The whole family wore their Lucky Fin Project Bracelets in honor of Little Man Tate.  How precious and lucky you are you little man. God knew what he was doing when he made this family yours!

Time for big sister to go home and go to bed.  She’s gonna need her rest, her job is so important.

While mom and dad settle in and enjoy the new love that has expanded their heart again.

Everyone says good night and the and mom and dad settle in for some rest.



Lauren, Ben, Tenely, Tate

I am SO blessed to have been there for you guys on this very special day.

Thank you for trusting me with this moment in your lives!

I can’t wait to see the adventures of Tate and Tenley.


Anchored in Love.

  • Jen Pennella - February 1, 2017 - 10:44 PM

    Oh my goodness, I just started crying reading your beautiful post. This is by far the most amazing story I have ever heard and you are one lucky photographer to have been able to capture such a beautiful time in this family’s life. Gorgeous photos wish I could hire you for mine! Simply beautiful xoReplyCancel

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